5 games that will live up any party.

Do you like house parties? I very much do. And I'm not talking about nothing major with a house full of people or having to repaint the walls and order a skip to get rid of all the rubbish and empty bottles the next day. A get together with closest friends or family featuring snacks, wine and music. The coolest thing about these cosy little gatherings, is that you meet up with the people you love and enjoy each other's company without the need of red lipsticks, high heels or eyebrows on fleek - doing yourself up for a night out. To make it even more special and fun why not involve some interesting games !! I absolutely love all kind of games at such meetings. From truth or dare to board ones !! Here are my top recommendations that I've personally tried and more than enjoyed...

Why doesn't your 'vision board' work and how to create one ?

9th February, 2019
So we've all heard or read somewhere before about this so-called 'vision board' that make your dreams become a reality. Cute, creative idea - but unfortunately I have to disappoint you. The creation of the board itself will not make any magic happen and no you will not suddenly appear in your perfect little house or the car you've always wanted.

Most affordable stain remover that actually 'removes stains'.

8th February, 2019
Never ending piles of washing - welcome to motherhood. We all hate it yet it needs to get done right? With my toddler going through 3 outfits a day washing quickly became my enemy and biggest nightmare. Am I being over-dramatic? Not to mention stains on new clothes that never seem to come off in a wash. Another pretty little top ruined! But not any more...

4 valuable steps to a happier and peaceful life - law of attraction.

6th February, 2019
Law of attraction has changed my life upside down. If you have been up to date with my Instagram profile you will know how much it benefited me and improved my entire life in all aspects, angles, sides and corners lol !! Here is my little 'value system' that I follow and according to which - I want to live. The more I stick to it, the more happy and peaceful I am.

Pamper up your phone with GoCustomized !!

4th February, 2019
Even before our daughter was born the house was already filled up with scan images of her in my belly, you can only imagine what goes on now that she is already here !! Myself, Callum and my parents we all have Christianna's gorgeous name and face engraved and imprinted everywhere possible !! From clothes, frames, jewellery to tattoos.

Cutest, soft and organic baby towel.

2nd February, 2019.
First collaboration featuring my daughter Christianna. I mean how adorable is she !! Absolutely can not stop starring! She was only small in these photos and couldn't even sit up on her own yet. As far as I can remember styling this baby gown-towel for the picture seemed impossible! Over a year later and she still fancies the life of it although it barely fits her anymore. After noticing a lot of new mummy followers and readers I thought it would only be right to add more 'mummy and baby' posts here. How does that sound?

Most effective natural remedies for children.

28th January, 2019
Growing up in a countryside, in a family full of women who believed in natural ways and home remedies, which in fact worked and dealt with any bug or discomfort more effectively than most medications prescribed - I've decided to share some of my favourite ones that I have been using on myself and my little girl (who is now twenty-one months) since her very early days.

12 things people need to stop in 2019.

12 things people need to stop in 2019.
26th January, 2019
Scrolling up and down through facebook or other apps first thing in the morning can ruin your e-n-t-i-r-e day or, last at night can give you serious nightmares. I try to stay away from the online dramas as much as I can and live a happy life. Unfortunatelly idiots will find you everywhere you go or look. With 2018 left behind and new year just began here are some of the things that in my opinion people need to stop doing this year.

10 outfit inspirations.

24th January, 2019
I love relaxing Saturdays with no housework done what so ever as I only dedicate that time to my house Monday to Friday. Weekends are all about chill and Netflix with the hubby and up and play with our daughter. I've managed to get rid of more clothes, (again, yes that's right) it had to be done. My biggest guilty pleasure is buying 'hmm, what would I wear this with' clothes. About 75% of my wardrobe are those kind of clothes, that haven't been worn once. With a good deed of brand new garms for the charity and extra space freed I have decided to - instead of keep buying individual pieces, why not shop for full outfits? And speaking of outfits here are my 10 inspirations.

7 amazing benefits of eating ginger during pregnancy.

21st January, 2019
I don't know about you, but me my friends - I have experienced the absolute worse morning sickness you could possibly imagine during pregnancy. It first started towards the end of week five and lasted all throughout 1st and 2nd trimester... From morning all the way until late afternoon - every single bloody day. I suffered for so long only to find out what an effective cure ginger can be for nausea.