4 garden activity gadgets for your child in summer.

24th June, 2019
I've decided to hold back with travelling for a couple of years until my daughter is a little bit older, as long journeys or flights aren't for her and unfortunately myself and my fiancé we don't own driving license just yet to even take her to the seaside - without having to get on the train which my little girl won't sit still on for 5 minutes. I try to take her out as much as I can, from soft plays to parks, playgrounds, local play groups and other fun places for children that don't require travelling long distances on a public transport. With summer time at it's full swing I have recently purchased four outdoor activity toys/gadgets that keep my little doll face happy, occupied and very satisfied. Some are easy to put away or fold to save space when she is not playing with it.

Quick and light lunch idea for summer.

23rd June, 2019
I don't know about you but in summer, a hot summer, I don't mean a typical English summer.. Anywhere from 25'c and above, my appetite levels drop to minimum. Heavy meal is a no go. From soups, salads to fresh fruit and veggies on it's own. That's me !! Here's one of my favourite salads, the perfect little meal for a hot sunny day.

My 30 minutes morning cleaning routine that makes my house tidy.

21st June 2019
The question I get asked on a daily basis on my Instagram profile... How does your house stay so clean with a toddler. The reality is - it will never be 100% tidy with children (including husband lol). Don't believe in the spotless interiors grids you see across Instagram. I mean who's gonna post a photo or a story of a messy living room with a floor covered in toys and food and juice spilled everywhere? Well, I am...

Things men should know about women.

Things men should know about women.
31 May, 2019
Guides, books and articles on this specific subject, you will find dozens of them in stores and all over the internet. Unfortunately most of them discuss the popular and typical stereotypes that sooner or later turn out to be a total fiasco. And there are things that men really need to know about women.. Let's turn myths into facts.

Poland - 10 years later...

15th May, 2019
With heights as my biggest fear and travel sickness being my worst 'condition' I haven't been too keen on travelling back to my country as much as I should or wanted to. Over 20 hours on a couch with travel sickness pills not working the slightest bit or high up in the sky on a plane panicking... I rather pass and just sit my ass in England for the rest of my life. Motherhood has made me stronger, braver and ready to take risks and break my routine as well as face all fears. And there I was on the plane heading back to motherland to see family I haven't had the chance to in many years...

3 books that will change your life.

3rd April, 2019
I'm not a reader. I will pick a film over a book any day, unless it comes to Law Of Attraction - give me the book I'll finish it in a day. I've stumbled on some really extraordinary books that left me questioning everything I know. Here are three books on the Law of Attraction that changed my perspective on life - and may just do the same for you...

Law of attraction - how my story began.

Law of attraction - how my story began.
15th March, 2019
I bet some of you still wonder what is this none sense she talks about almost every day in her instastory… I don't blame you as this was my approach towards it up until last year until it changed my life. I see these bloggers, youtubers and successful people talking about 'The Secret', the Law of Attraction and how your thoughts become reality. I mean come on who normal would just believe it without actually giving yourself the chance to learn more about it.

Inspirational Monday - links I've been loving.

11th March, 2019
Ah how we all hate Monday don't we? To me Monday is my favourite day of the week. So exciting! A whole new fresh week is starting, so much to get done, so much to look forward to. Instead of moaning be thankful for another Monday in your life and make it as joyful, enjoyable and productive as you can. With Monday being the most hated by many day of the week I decided to sweet it up for you by sharing some of the most inspiring, interesting, fun and motivating links I have came across these past seven days leggo...

10 primark dresses under £16 you must have!

27th February, 2019
I literally lived in a dress. At one point in my life I've owned nothing else but dresses and pencil skirts. Why did this change and I transformed into a full-time leggings type of girl? Motherhood, maybe? Comfort first I guess as well as feeling safe without having to worry about exposing your bits when bending down and over whilst wrestling with your toddler trying to wipe their face. Take a look at the ten under £16 Primark dresses that I currently have my eyes on...

The power of #hashtags !!

26th February, 2019
In this post I want to show you what huge potential lies in hashtags. They are an unbelievable  powerful tool that we can use to grow and develop our profiles. We often edit and pamper our photos before they get uploaded but what about hashtags? Unfortunately, most of us neglect the power of them or simply don't have the knowledge of how to put them into practice to see amazing results. Want to learn a little more about it today?