Fun acivities for your children during quarantine!

22nd March, 2020
In the upcoming weeks ahead majority of our bundles of joy will be spending each and every single day indoors due to nurseries and schools been shut down, which doesn't have to be boring at all. I don't know about your child, but my almost 3 year old daughter who owns more toys than I could have ever only dreamed of as a kid, hardly ever plays with any of them and if she does it won't last long. Here is a list of fun and creative games and activities that we have came across on the internet and tested out ourselves. Hours of creative fun without any toys involved.

How I managed to naturally reduce and control labour pains - my 2nd labour story.

20th February, 2020
Let's skip the introduction and all of the unnecessary part and dive right into it. My second labour was at least 50% less stressful and painful than my first one... All thanks to natural ways I haven't even necessarily practiced before hand. I'm a firm believer of law of attraction and the power of our minds. The plan was to use my mind skills when my labour began and contractions kicked in. Did I stick to it? Yes - and it was certainly one of the best decisions of my life which made things run easily and progress much quicker.

Our toddler's room tour.

2nd February, 2020
The response on our children room across our social media platforms is insane every time I post it. It's just a cute little interior full of toys and colours! Nothing too special - but very special to me. I never planned what this room will actually look like. It all happened very spontaneously and randomly. We've been through at least 20 different ball pits within the last year... From cats popping it with their claws to upgrading to a bigger size (more soft balls), and simply me - the mother, getting bored of the current pool wanting to change things up for my baby. If only this room was a little bit bigger... Ahh, the things I'd do to it and items I'd purchase, my head is full of amazing ideas. I love this place and I'm so very grateful to give my children the room they deserve and love. This room is a reflection of all I wanted as a young child.

Peri-peri chicken one pot.

22nd January, 2020
Since having a newborn I am all about one pot dinners. Tell a lie - I've always preferred them. Saves me washing up more pots and pans later !! Quicker to serve and easier to consume. What an extremely lazy intro, but I'm sure you feel my pain. I'm not no professional chef here, however when I create a dish that hits the spot I will 100% share it with you because why not.. Easy, quick and sooo delicious. Let's get right into it..

Christmas tree in our toddler's bedroom.

This year I decided to buy my little girl who's 2 and a half, her first very own Christmas tree. Not only did she enjoy putting it up and decorating it with me, it also cosied up her room enough to encourage her to play in it more often, as she's normally downstairs in the living room with me. She absolutely enjoyed the entire process from the start to finish line. We headed over to town, to shop for decorations for her and she picked the most amazing pieces. Overall this was one of the most fun and creative activities we have done together, and of course - very bonding.

Butter bean tomato soup with polish sausage.

21st November, 2019
I'm all about quick and easy meals. Cooking certainly isn't my favourite thing to do if I'm honest. And of course due to that, 1 pot meals are life savers to me. Check out this ridiculously simple family recipe that tastes absolutely amazing, and it's sooo filling. One of my favs since childhood days... And I never realised how easy it is to make it until I made it myself for the first time. This dish can be served on it's own, with bread or chapattis!

My favourite and affordable kitchen gadgets !!

15th November, 2019
I'm here today with a quick post dedicated to my kitchen, finally - as it's normally about Christianna's room lol !! I have been loving these gadgets for many months. My kitchen might not be perfect to some but it truly is to me. I feel so grateful to finally have my own place and be able to decorate it and do it up just the way I've always wanted to. It means the world. Last month I celebrated our 1st whole year of moving into our home and treated myself, and our home to some new bits and bobs. I want to change up few things, such us the curtains in each room but we will talk about this another time.. Let's dig right into it..

Tips for feeding the wildlife in winter.

12th November, 2019
I love the fact that my little girl enjoys feeding and looking after the wildlife. Being an animal lover myself, this is very important to me, to teach my children respect, care and love for all creatures. We often feed local birds, foxes and squirrels by collecting dried on the radiator bread, left over biscuits, cereal, cooked pasta, rice or couscous, nuts and seeds and taking it down to the park by the end of every week when the bag is full of goodies. In winter this is very important as most birds thrive on seeds since insects and fruit are harder to find naturally during the cold season.

4 decorative home gadgets that I have been loving over the past year.

7th November, 2019
I don't know whether shopping for home d├ęcor and gadgets makes me happy or I'm just addicted, either way - I love it... I can almost never resist going into B&M, Pound Stretcher or Wilko whenever in town. And even if I do, and I give myself a pat on the back 'Well done girrrrrl! Yasss Dominica! You did it! You're the woman! You just walked past that shop like a real soldier...', there are always other temptations and ways such as Amazon and Ebay where I don't even have to leave my house for a hunt opportunity to purchase some new bits and bobs for my home that of course I don't even need. Here are some of my fav items that I came across online and been loving ever since.

Is your bundle of joy starting nursery soon? Here's my top tips and what to expect!

I'm going to kick this post off by being brutally honest with you. Let's jump straight into it. Sending my daughter to nursery for the first time has been the hardest thing in my life. Harder than labour itself lol, and no I'm not even playing !! I mean trusting a complete strange group of women to take care of my entire life's biggest treasure, how? It almost seemed impossible and since deciding she is 'nursery ready' I cried every time I thought about it.