Make the most of April 2021!!

1st April, 2021
April, you’re up next babe, and we've missed you very much. Beer gardens are beckoning, the four-day weekend is brewing, and church is re-opening. And by church, we mean the salon. Obviously. Our hair has been through hell and back and it deserves this long-awaited renaissance. Deliver us from lockdown evil and forgive us our tresses – we’re finally back in the chair bitches. Here’s how to make the most of April ’21!

International Women’s Day - inspiring women who changed the course of history!

8th March, 2021
This International Women’s Day, we’re honouring the fierce female greats who changed the course of history, broke boundaries and defied societal expectations. From pioneering science and political milestones to radical acts of defiance, these are the precedent-setting women who blazed a trail for others to follow.

Turmeric and gram flour facemask you must try !!

22 February, 2021
Home made facial masks have become the cliché of all quarantine clichés, second only to baking banana bread. Remember those early days? Weeks one to four - that sh*t was BANANAS. Whether you’re looking to target acne, brighten your complexion or give your skin some extra shine - this magic lotion-potion is the new must try, faithful favourite and the can’t live without.

Can a hobby help battle anxiety? The art of discovering something you love...

20th February, 2021
Living life alongside anxiety, can be a tremendously difficult and exhausting experience, often leading to a lack of motivation and desire to do anything other than basic survival. Lockdown has tested the mental health of everyone, but there is something to be said for partaking in a hobby that might just be the golden ticket to healthy distraction from the complexity of mental health disorder. Not only does mastering a new skill or two helps your conscious brain by offering a solid distraction, the act of consistently engaging in a hobby can help to relax the body and mind by tuning in to the parasympathetic nervous system and helping you to find a more neutral go-to.

Cutest last minute Valentine's day DIY gift idea - memories jar.

13th February, 2021
What's a better way of expressing your cheese ball of love and feelings to your significant other than by creating something special and sappy like this memories jar? DIY gifts are sooo under rated - it hurts my soul! Gather as many cute, embarrassing, cheesy, funny and special memories as you can think of and possibly remember and place them all in one box or jar decorated by you - with love!

Last minute Valentine's Day game idea - DIY coupon game for couples.

12th February, 2021
It’s Valentine’s weekend. You’ve ordered the takeaway, you’re two glasses of wine deep and slowly sinking into that pleasure-loving cul de sac of candlelight and cupidity. Since the only trip you will be taking this Sunday is to the fridge for more wine - we've got you covered for some extra bit of adventure - here we are with some fun, bonding, creative and a little saucy DIY coupons for you to print out and spice the next 48 hours right up! Give your other half a free pass for whatever they crave for this lockdown Valentine's Day! Print and cut out all tickets, shuffle, shut your eyes and take turns in picking one at random. Whatever you pick your partner has to full fill within 24 hours! How fun does this sound? You can even write down your own desires at the back - let your mind run wild!

The ultimate list of my favourite & most effective natural remedies.

11th February, 2021
Growing up in small town, in a family full of wonder women who believed in natural ways and home remedies, which in fact worked better than any medications the GP was ready to stuff me with - natural medicine with a kick of positive mindset is all you need! The power of herbs and mother's earth growths is underestimated! Below I've wrapped up a list of must-try natural home remedies!

Pancake Day - recipes to spice up another night in lockdown...

8th February, 2021
It’s 2021 guys, we’re stepping our pancakes game up. Whilst there is absolutely no shame in jogging off down to Tesco to pick up the sacred bottle of batter because just adding water is all our brain can handle right now, going all out to treat yourself extra good this pancake day sounds like the well deserved option. So, in the spirit of making the every day feel that bit more magic, here’s a bunch of edgy recipes to make you question every former Shrove Tuesday snack you’ve ever shared with your mouth. There is a whole life after lemon and sugar, so let’s start living it.

A month of love - the ultimate list of journal prompts to help you find gratitude every day!

4th February, 2021
One way to check in with yourself and make sure you’re soaking up those daily wins is by practising thankfulness. Sure, it may sound a bit woo-woo but the benefits can be transformative! With life bolting by at lightning speed, even in a national lockdown, it can be difficult to give the good bits their due thanks. The phone call from your friend, your cup of coffee in the morning, your orgasm at lights out or the heartbreak anthem that’s getting you through – all these small feats when realised in a few simple sentences of thanks can be enough to turn a shitty day into a beautiful one... Which bring us onto our month of love and daily gratitude exercise!

Green home made health elixir - the power of nettle.

2nd February, 2021
Don't worry we’re not about to suggest you go on a juice cleanse and chug a carafe of cayenne pepper and manuka honey every morning in order to love yourself right. This is about making sure you look out for what’s on the inside by giving your body some earth's natural feel-good ingredient - nettle...  The amazing power of this ordinary plant are priceless. I have been struggling with intestine and liver problems as well as allergies and hay fever ever since I can remember. Drinking a shot of freshly made nettle juice every morning before breakfast has improved my well-being as well as got rid of all of the problems that I've struggled with for years and booted hay fever out of my life.