4 delicious ways to keep your child hydrated in summer!

18th May, 2021
Child's body consists of 65 percent of water. Every loss of valuable fluids is dangerous to them, therefore it is very important to regularly irrigate our little one's body, especially in summer when the thermometers reach high digits. Of course in practice, it's not that easy. Caught up playing in the sun kicking ball, building sand castles or splashing in the pool - ain't no body got time to drink water. Here are my four yummy and not so boring ideas to keep your little people hydrated.

Delicious rice dish every fussy toddler will love.

12th May, 2021
We can't deny it, it's almost impossible to convince a fussy eater to try new foods, regardless of how pretty, delicious or colourful the dish looks - it's a tough battle. Let me guess, you've tested out and went through hundreds of recipes, tried out every possible tip you have been given or researched across the internet. Nothing seems to work? You feel like you're alone and your child is the only picky eater out there? You're certainly not alone! Here is that one dish that no child we know - said no to before !!

The perfect day in Rochester - what to see, where to eat...

The perfect day in Rochester - what to see, where to eat...
11th May, 2021
Rochester is a beautiful and historic town which was for many years a favourite of Charles Dickens. I don't know about you, but I'm totally not feeling the new and modern cities architecture and this town is the complete opposite! I feel so attached to this place and very determined to go back whenever I get the chance.

6 ideas for an unforgettable holiday - attractions after sunset.

4th May, 2021
Summer holidays fly way to fast! That's why we should make the most of it and enjoy it to the absolute fullest whilst it lasts. Here we are today with a wrapped fun and unforgettable night attractions ideas for children and their parents to experience together. The rule is - night time is for sleep, and the rules are here to be broken! Let's sass and spice things up - break the rules and see that at night you can have a phenomenal time too!

Toddler's room - how to keep it tidy and organised?

3rd May, 2021
Children's room is a place of fun and relaxation, however it fulfils its 'functions' only when it's planned and everything's in the correct order and place, sounds impossible? It really isn't. The success lies in you, the parent. Organising your little one's room, making each thing accessible and easy for them to reach, as well as encouraging them to tidy up on a regular basis will eventually become a norm to them - a routine, just like eating or brushing their teeth.

Fried baby potatoes with dill and soured cream - you have been missing out!

2nd May, 2021
How basic and boring does this sound? And you wouldn't even consider this as a delicious 'dish' right? I remember when I first made this for my fussy toddler and it soon became a very much loved lunch idea. These can be an addition to any dish or meal, great replacement for chips, pasta or rice on the side of a dinner, or simply enjoyed on it's own.

9 sizzling swimwear pieces to help you feel like the 10/10 you are !!

1st May, 2021
It’s been a longer, colder, more dreary winter than maybe any of us have ever experienced, but as the days tick by and the layers of knitwear slip away, swim season is finally within touching distance and damn ain't we glad of it! Whether you’re a sea, lake or pool swimmer, there’s something totally thrilling about the first dip into the water this year !! And equally, if the sea or a chlorinated pool don’t tickle your fancy, then burring a toe in the sand or sun lounger de-stress is just as magical, thanks to the never ending winter months. It’s time to grip the summer!

Top tips for parent's who's child is starting nursery and what to expect!!

I'm going to kick this post off by being brutally honest with you. Let's jump straight into it. Sending your child to nursery, preschool, day-care for the first time might just be one of the hardest decisions or things to cope with for you. Let's not sugar coat it! Trusting a complete group of strangers to take care of your entire life's biggest treasure, how? It almost seemed impossible to me! Here are my top tips to sending your child to nursery for the first time...

Picnic blanket inspired garms you need this season!

25th April, 2021
Straight outta a British, cottage core dream, gingham comes in many shapes, sizes and colour ways making it the ultimate evergreen trend during the Spring & Summer season. Triple points if you coordinate with your picnic blanket for all the outdoor socialising fun. On the side note, Primark has been the subject of Instagram Stories aplenty since shops reopened on the 12th April in England, and their selection of gingham delights is another reason to stick out those queues.

We planned the perfect day in Brighton - so you don't have to!

21st April, 2021
With holidaying abroad looking unlikely this year, you’re probably looking at exploring a little closer to home and making the most of those UK staycation hotspots. We’ve accrued a few worrrth it hang-outs from coffee shops (priorities) to bakeries, restaurants, boozers and beyond. Take a look !!