Flood of Autumn outfit inspirations.

29th September, 2019
With Autumn almost at it's full swing I am here today with the cutest and cosiest fall outfit inspirations for the ladies part of my audience. I don't know about you - but to me autumn fashion is the most stylish one, the things you can do, from layering to amazing accessories not to mention the colours. I'm a big fun of nudes, browns, orange and yellow shades - especially a mustardy one that will turn any head !! I am so looking forward to getting out all of my cosy sweaters and cute coats to enjoy for the next few months !!

10 things to do this autumn.

9th September, 2019
As many of you might know by now autumn is my favourite season, and the opposite for some, mainly because of the rainy and windy days. I love the magical look of our gardens and streets covered with golden, brown, red and yellow colours, long walks with my daughter as well as evenings snuggled up in a warm blanket sipping on a hot tea with lemon and ginger next to the love of my life!

My 10 autumn essentials!

1st September, 2019
There are number of things that spring to mind when I think of Autumn, most of which I have included here. The evenings are getting darker and colder which means more cosy nights under a blanket watching films! It also means more hot drinks, berry lips, ginger and pumpkin spice everything!

Benefits of sleeping with your pet.

9th July, 2019
Many people, like myself love to be surrounded by animals and own pets. Most often they are dogs and cats, whose owners notice a lot of positives vibes, energy and advantages from their presence around the house. And almost in every household with a pet there is a discussion whether to let the pet into bed or not... And here are the 5 reasons why you should let your pet/pets sleep in your bed with you...

Healthy and delicious chicken noodle soup.

8th July, 2019
That one soup I can never get bored of, no matter how often I make it - me and my family always enjoy it. A traditional Sunday dish in our household, or just a started before the roast. Perfect on a cold rainy day to keep you nice and warm, and even on a hot and sunny day as a light meal - in the form of a soup.

Natural ways to speed up a sun tan.

6th July, 2019
As a big fan of natural ways and remedies I'm not too keen on using so-called tanning activators that support the production of melanin to accelerate tanning process in the sun. Browning of the skin can also be improved with the intake of vitamin A found in natural alternatives such as carrots. Below are my five natural ways to speed up your tanning process and have that perfect tint before summer has even fully started!

Toddler's room - how to keep it tidy and organised?

5th July, 2019
Children's room is a place of fun and relaxation, however it fulfills its 'functions' only when it's planned and everything's in the correct order and place, sounds impossible? It really isn't. The success lies in you. Organising your little one's room, making each thing accessible and easy for them to reach, as well as encouraging them to tidy up on a regular basis will eventually become a norm to them - a routine, just like eating or brushing their teeth.

Fried baby potatoes with dill and soured cream.

4th July, 2019
How basic and boring does this look? And you wouldn't even consider this as a delicious 'dish' right? I remember when my mum first made these for me and my fiancé at her house couple of years back and he wouldn't even give it a go. 'Plain potatoes? What's wrong with your mum babes?' were his exact words lol, and of course I couldn't blame him, right? Up until few months ago when I decided to make this quick little in fact very filling snack, or dinner to some, he finally decided to nibble some and was amazed with how tasty it was. This can be an addition to any dish or meal, great replacement for chips or rice on the side of a meat roast, or simply consumed on it's own. I tend to go for quick and ridiculously easy recipes such as soups or in this case 'fried new potatoes' on hot summer days as I don't necessarily feel like eating much due to the heat, nor do I enjoy standing in the kitchen next to a boiling stove or oven, cooking for hours. And these - work perfectly for me!

Banana pancakes - sweet yet healthy breakfast no child will refuse.

3rd July, 2019
With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, our children would try any trick to skip it. Thanks to my friend Susheel, who introduced me to banana pancakes and always shares the easiest, yet best recipes to try out for my little girl - who some of you already know, is a fussy eater. And didn't she love it! She shoved half the pancake in her mouth and asked for more before she was even finished! I've customised the original recipe that I've came across on the BBC website.

4 delicious ways to keep your child hydrated.

2nd July, 2019
Child's body consists of 65 percent of water. Every loss of valuable fluids is dangerous to them, therefore it is very important to regularly irrigate our little one's body, especially in summer when the thermometers reach high digits. Of course in practice, it's not that easy. Caught up playing in the sun kicking ball, building sand castles or splashing in the pool - ain't no body got time to drink water. Here are my four yummy and not so boring ideas to keep your little human hydrated.