£5 winter boots you must have this season.

£5 winter boots you must have this season.
10th December, 2018
Can you believe it I own about 5 summer shoe pairs and there is a massive pile of winter boots in my wardrobe... I absolutely love autumn and winter fashion. I find it so much easier to dress up and look good in the fall than I do in summer. I mean it is hard to look good on a sunny and hot day, you just want to chuck on a jumpsuit or something comfy without having to pay attention to details. Comfort over swag !! In winter my friends, I spend hours picking shoes and outfits trying to create that perfect look for this lovely season... And speaking of boots... You can never own too many !!

Gorgeous idea to wrap chrsitmas gifts.

1st December, 2018
Christmas just around the corner, time of joy, peace and of course - presents! I love this magical period of planning, combining, and preparing gifts that will bring a smile to the faces of those, close to my heart. With the house smelling of oranges, cinnamon and cloves, climbing up the ladder to pull out all my favourite Christmas decorations out of the loft... And let the most wonderful time of the year begin...

3 simple and delicious party snacks ideas.

12th November, 2018
Snacks - cold or hot dishes perfect for "one bite". They ideal fit for any party, event or a get together. Casual or formal. How should it look? Very colourful, encouraging and tempting. Today I will show you three simple recipes for snacks that will delight your guests! From my experience can guarantee that these will disappear in the blink of an eye! And the best part - it will only take you 10 minutes to prepare it!

Autumn decoration - DIY pumpkin vase.

17th October, 2018
Pumpkin - the queen of autumn. You can make absolutely anything out of it !! From a delicious soup to deserts or Halloween decorations. Left alone also looks fabulous and definitely stands out in my living room. In today's post in the form of a DIY vase, which will delight not only inside the home but can also welcome guests from the porch, as a unique decoration of the garden. Take a look how ridiculously simple it is...

5 easy steps to naturally whiter teeth.

My top 5 ridiculously easy steps to naturally whiter teeth.
12th September, 2018
Who would I pick to feature in this post if not my fiancé Callum who always have been lucky enough to have that perfect white smile ever since I remember. And nope, this isn't because of whitening treatment at the dentist surgery or using a whole bunch of products that don't necessarily promote teeth whitening but harm them instead, but simply by following these 5 simple steps. The key here is to stick to it everyday for at least a month to see the magic results, and to never stop.

Internet detox.

1st September, 2018
My typical day... I open my eyes, woken up by the annoying alarm melody on my phone. I reach for the phone to quickly turn it off. After few minutes I will find myself scrolling up and down facebook or instagram, replying to comments and e-mails. Spending the first hour of my day in bed with my brain being 'at work' from the very first minute. I answer questions, respond to collaboration offers, send out invoices, help and advise my readers and watch other lives... Not realising that I do not have time for my own life, thoughts, planning the day ahead, for myself or family. Immediately I fall into a whirl from which I will more than likely not break out until midnight.

My easy steps to healthy and soft feet.

Dry and rough skin around the feet area is every woman's struggle all throughout the year and especially in summer, where feet need that extra care and attention. The skin on our feet is twice as thick as on the rest of our body parts, therefore it requires more tlc, as it becomes dry quicker and is less elastic. Today I will show you my top tricks that I use on a day-to-day basis to ensure my feet remain soft, smooth and healthy! Let's all say goodbye to bad looking feet.

Weird but cute things couples do together.

18th August, 2018
What could possibly feel better than being in a relationship with someone who is also your best friend? Someone who you can feel hundred percent comfortable with not having to worry about awkward situations. In order to be happy with your significant other, putting a censor or a mask on is a no-go! I have never had this problem with my fiancé, and I can not imagine our relationship any other way. We both do the weirdest things behind close doors and in public too! I love the look on people's faces when we end up doing something totally silly together - it's priceless. We recently began to vlog, however we soon realised that our vlogs were so weird and inappropriate that we had to take them off YouTube! I love my crazy life by the side of an insane man who completes me in every single way.

Top three things motherhood has taught me.

7th August, 2018
 Becoming a parent almost feels like being a student all over again! When you have children you shed your old skin like a snake and become a whole new, better person. Learning new things as well as teaching them. Parenthood lessons can be brutal, stressful fulfilled with tears, but also beautiful, happy, fulfilled with joy. Here are my top three lessons that I have learned since becoming a parent.

Quick and easy haloumi salad.

3rd August, 2018
For the past 2 months England has been an absolute nightmare in terms of the heatwave. Don't get me wrong, I love a beautiful hot and sunny weather but to a certain extend. I don't even remember the last time it rained !! In a heat like this cooking full dishes isn't an option. For one, I don't fancy standing next to a hot cooker for hours, and two - this weather affects my appetite. Quick veggie and fruity salads is all me and my family are about this season.