Top three things motherhood has taught me.

7th August, 2018
 Becoming a parent almost feels like being a student all over again! When you have children you shed your old skin like a snake and become a whole new, better person. Learning new things as well as teaching them. Parenthood lessons can be brutal, stressful fulfilled with tears, but also beautiful, happy, fulfilled with joy. Here are my top three lessons that I have learned since becoming a parent.

Quick and easy haloumi salad.

3rd August, 2018
For the past 2 months England has been an absolute nightmare in terms of the heatwave. Don't get me wrong, I love a beautiful hot and sunny weather but to a certain extend. I don't even remember the last time it rained !! In a heat like this cooking full dishes isn't an option. For one, I don't fancy standing next to a hot cooker for hours, and two - this weather affects my appetite. Quick veggie and fruity salads is all me and my family are about this season. 

3 delicious recipes for your baby.

1st August, 2018
As a mother of a very fussy little princess, I had to literally try everything possible to encourage my daughter to eat. From trying out different delicious recipes, to putting her on a feeding routine and more... Nothing seemed to work. It took me a little while to realise that the reason lays in different obstacles such as hot weather or teething, which stops my little girl from consuming the right amount of food. With the help of my mother and my lovely friend Susheel I have found the perfect three recipes that my daughter will never refuse, regardless of the weather conditions or other situations that would normally affect her appetite.

How I spend £8 on nails a month.

6th July, 2018
Many women's number one addiction. Getting our beautiful nails done. I mean there's absolutely nothing wrong with it however the amount of money that goes to waste on nails that wont even last as they always end up breaking, cracking or growing two fast and the roots on show isn't the one! Here's how I've managed to save at least seventy quid a month with a little advice from a wise woman.

A day out in Gravesend, Kent.

15th June, 2018
After living in Gravesend for a good few years now I have finally decided to take a little tour around my town and capture some of it's lovely places. This was an awesome experience for me as I never truly realised how beautiful this town is as I am always in a rush, caught up in mummy responsibilities and duties trying to get from A to B.

Style on a bargain.

25th May, 2018
 As I've mentioned across my insta story couple of months ago, I have teamed up with my mummy Justyna, to share some of our absolute bargain outfit ideas, in my new fashion series called 'Style on a bargain'. From classy to casual and all in between. My mum is the queen of purchasing England's bargains and finding the best deals from highway stores to designer pieces and I've been learning from the best.

The dirty truth about online influencers.

20th May, 2018
My instagram followers have inspired me to write this post. After receiving a number of direct messages from you seeking blogging and brands partnerships advice I have decided to cover all the aspects and points in this one post. I've spent my afternoon cleaning out my Instagram... I have unfollowed over 500 people, mainly bloggers and influencers, some celebrities too. Why my friend? Because I am tired!! Tired and fed up of being spammed with promotions, reviews, product unboxing and all of that trash.

Pesto, mozzarella and tomatoes - quick snack.

1st April, 2018
Pesto, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes; 3 of my favourite products on one plate! Heaven on earth plate. This quick, cheap, healthy and absolutely delicious dish has quickly became my favourite thing to munch on a daily basis. As a mother of a toddler baby girl who is currently teething (cheer up baby) it can get pretty hectic and quick snacks like this became essential in my current lifestyle.

My top three life lessons.

26th March, 2018
There are memories I like to go back to on a day to day basis. These are memories that inspire me and are a source of motivational stimulants, encouragement, boost and inspiration. Sometimes it's enough to meet someone inspiring, watch a movie or just read a quote - to boost your entire mood and give you all the power you ever needed to reach the top. Today I want to share with you my top 3 lessons that have made me the woman I am today...

Tips to a better sex.

16th February, 2018
 For a very long time I believed that sex isn't an important part of a relationship. I was more focused on spending quality time together and so on... Caught up in a busy mummy lifestyle, whilst my partner works Monday to Friday, let's be real - there's not always time for intimacy. I've not long ago realised how important sexual closure with your lover can really be and how much it can boost your confidence and overall mood.