Things men should know about women.

Things men should know about women.
8th June, 2020
Guides, books and articles on this specific subject, you will find dozens of those in stores and all over the internet. Unfortunately most of them discuss the popular and typical stereotypes that sooner or later turn out to be a total fiasco. And there are things that men really need to know about women.. Let's turn myths into facts.

Tips for parents who's kids are starting nursery.

I'm going to kick this post off by being brutally honest with you. Let's jump straight into it. Sending your child to nursery for the first time will probably be the hardest things to cope with. Harder than labour itself I say!! I mean trusting a complete strange group of women to take care of your entire life's biggest treasure, how? It almost seems impossible!

6 home remedies for sun burn.

8th May, 2020
In summer time we tend to enjoy the sun with the greatest pleasure. We sunbathe for hours, aiming for the perfect tan with the so famous bikini lines as a proof of a 'successful holiday', and for many of us, the stronger the tan, the better. Just like us, our children will also be victims of a sunburn caused by hours of fun in the garden or the beach. Take a look at my six home remedies to treat or soothe a sunburn.

4 delicious ways to keep your child hydrated.

4th May, 2019
Child's body consists of 65 percent of water. Every loss of valuable fluids is dangerous to them, therefore it is very important to regularly irrigate our little one's body, especially in summer when the thermometers reach high digits. Of course in practice, it's not that easy. Caught up playing in the sun kicking ball, building sand castles or splashing in the pool - ain't no body got time to drink water. Here are my four yummy and not so boring ideas to keep your little people hydrated.

Attractions after sunset.

3rd May, 2020
Summer holidays fly way to fast! Therefore we should make the most of it and enjoy it to the fullest whilst it lasts. In this post I have a few fun and unforgettable night attractions ideas for you and your children to experience together. The rule is - night time is for sleep, but how about change it up a little bit during the summer holiday break the rules and show them that at night you can have a fantastic time with your parents/carers too? Something different and exciting.

Lockdown inspirations - 9 questions with Beeta Abadi, self taught cook & baker!

No one is certain when the virus outbreak measures will be relaxed or officially lifted but at a time like this, a little fantasy in our heads, can go a looong way in helping us to stay sane, remain positive as well as remind us that however heavy this pandemic may feel for some at the moment, it is temporary and it will pass!! Until then, we are daydreaming about life after lockdown, that first weekend of freedom, the first real-life kiss or hug with your favourite person, the first trip to play ground or soft play with your little humans, seeing our colleagues and friends again, the first cold pint, eating at our favourite restaurants, going to a concert or jumping on a plane to travel the world again! I am here today with another beautiful and creative soul! Let me introduce you to Beeta Abadi, recipe developer and founder of Beelish Food, self taught cook and baker, and my favourite culinary account to follow!

My curry inspired one pot vegetarian dish.

24th April, 2020
My obsession for Asian food and spices is getting out of hand. I'd put turmeric in my coffee if I could. Shout out to my fiancé's aunt Nicky who makes the best lentil curry and chapattis. Speaking of coffee and lentil curry, she's the reason I'm addicted to both! Nothing better than delicious food and a cup of strong coffee with great and positive company. In today's post I will walk you through my own little curry inspired one pot dish that we have been absolutely loving in our home! I always ensure to make enough for seconds and the following day!

The ultimate list of productive things you can do during lockdown.

23rd April, 2020
If you've pretty much completed all of Netflix and the idea of spending another day on the sofa flipping through memes is too much to bear, it's time to spice things up, change up your routine and get those creative juices flowing. Being on lockdown doesn't have to be boring, not if you keep yourself occupied. I know you've heard it all before but I'll say it again 'You're not stuck at home, you're safe at home' - think of it as a gift from the Universe, a gift of 'time' where you can focus on yourself, figure out your life and get things done!

Honey salmon in foil.

22nd April, 2020
I have recently introduced fish in our kitchen, apart from the famous and much loved by everyone in our house 'fish fingers' - I'm not really too enthusiastic about seafood dishes at all. The pandemic had a very positive impact on me as an individual and benefited me in multiple ways. Lockdown allowed me to try out variety of new recipes, experience with different ingredients I've never used in my kitchen before, and overall improved my culinary skills which I am extremely excited about. As my taste buds are still getting used to the 'fish taste' here is one of our recent salmon lunch ideas...

How I potty trained my 2 year old.

21st April, 2020
I was almost terrified to begin potty training my daughter. After hearing some hair-raising stories from other mummy friends I tried to long it off as much as possible! And to think about it, this could be one of the reasons my little girl managed to master potty skill so quick and almost mess-free! 'You should potty train your child as soon as they turn two' - I strongly disagree with that statement. Every child matures, grows, progresses and develops individually at their own pace. Some might be ready as soon as they learn to walk while others will take a little bit longer - and that's ok. With this being the most requested post by my readers - I am finally here to walk you through how we did it and what worked for us!

Lockdown inspirations - 8 questions with Nekoda Davis, Judoka.

20th April, 2020
Well, it looks like our plans to have the summer of a lifetime are on hold for a while but that's ok - we've got this. Since we’re spending the majority of our days, and nights indoors, we’re all looking for some much-needed light relief, entertainment, motivation and inspiration. And, despite what you may see on Instagram, not all of us are coping as well as others. It’s more than ok to be doing nothing right now. Not every day has to be flanked with spiritual transformations and self-improvement. We’re allowed to just binge films, eat out the fridge and cry our tiny hearts out face-timing our loves ones! And what a better time, to get inspired by other amazing human-beings. I've teamed up with some wonderful and creative souls to lighten up your days during the pandemic! Meet the beautiful and kind Nekoda Davis, London based, British judoka - who is going to answer 8 questions for us in today's post. Let's get right into it...

Baked salmon in herbs and lemon.

19th April, 2020
This is the part where chefs and other bloggers normally big up the salmon, its' wonderful health benefits and gentle delicious taste. First of all I am NOT a FISH PERSON, but when your hubby randomly comes home from the supermarket with the teeniest bit of fish for almost £10 you can not let it go to waste. I mean a nibble of fish.. Really? I've marinated it with herbs and freshly squeezed lemon juice, served with some crackers and salad and there you go.. I've got to admit, it made a nice, light and healthy bit of lunch.

15 minutes vegetarian tomato one pot.

18th April, 2020
My obsession for one pots is getting out of control, mainly because they quick to make and easy to consume. This specific one was an improvised attempt of making something delicious and filling - out of what we already had in the fridge and cupboard at the time. I would be lying if I said it didn't taste amazing, and it will definitely be a regular dish in our house.

Invest in yourself - things to do during lockdown...

17th April, 2020
And suddenly the whole country shuts it's every door... I sorted it all out in my head and decided to treat these weeks as a gift from life. Someone up there decided to stop these speeding clock hands and give us something that we all wanted - 'time'. And here comes the tricky question? How to fill this time and not let this gift go to waste? I've put together few ideas to inspire you and give you a little kick of motivation.

Pretty spring and very filling lunch - couscous and egg.

16th April, 2020
We recently welcomed our very healthy and active lifestyle in our home, that we have abandoned and forgotten few months ago. It consists of daily work outs and yoga with the kids followed by a night time meditation. Now my favourite - we ditched all junk sweets, chocolate and crisps for healthy dried fruit, nuts, crackers and wheat & seeds based snacks. We stopped snacking throughout the day and have been strictly sticking to healthy meals at same time each day. Smoothies returned as I have been slacking over the past months, and we couldn't be any happier. Check out one of our favourite quick, easy and so-so delicious lunch ideas we've been loving.

My top ways to make yourself a priority!

15th April, 2020
Don't wait for the first day of a month to start a new habit, or New Year to create a list of resolutions. Welcome today with nothing but an open mind and focus on making YOU your first priority. Say no to things that don’t make you happy, get rid of negative energy, nourish your mind and your body and schedule yourself some downtime. Ready to be your own best friend? I've put together a few suggestions for making yourself a priority – here’s 🍷 to loving and investing in yourself!

How to keep kids entertained during lockdown?

14th April, 2020
To all the parents and carers out there doing their best to keep your children happy and entertained, ticking house chores off the list, working from home and still trying to stay sane - we salute you! From playdough and kinetic sand living all over the floors and rugs, dry markers because who's got the time to put lids back on, hearing Baby Shark for the 756th time this week and bruises from being jumped and climbed on 3/4th of the day. There’s no denying that the Corona Virus outbreak has forced us all to adapt in ways we never expected nor were prepared for. Let's not forget about the pressure that comes with taking up the role of math or literacy teacher.. If you’re doing your best and reassuring your children at a time when the whole world is scared and changing to the unknown, you’re already a hero and a teacher of the decade! Check out my previous post 'Creative games and activities for children during lockdown' for more interesting inspirations me and my 3 year old daughter been loving...

Stuffed peppers with rice, mince and mushrooms in tomato sauce.

13th Monday, 2020.
Ahh stuffed peppers! How I love you! When I was a child, my mum and grandmother would regularly make this exact same mince, mushrooms and rice filling but use cabbage leaves instead of red peppers which forever remains my favourite dish. Me 20 years ago, as a fussy eater, I always ended up with the cabbage leaves left behind on the plate whilst the delicious filling was long gone in my stomach! Check out the kids version recipe 'Delicious rice dish for a fussy eater' as you might find it handy! Let's get right into it...

Quick and easy sweet crispy pastries on a budget!

4th April, 2020
Angel wings - one of my traditional childhood favourite snacks up until now. So easy to make. Light, delicious, crispy pastries that I could never get bored of. When growing up, my mum and grandmothers would make plates of massive piles of them for Christmas, Easter or special occasions such as birthdays and family gatherings. In my house, they are a regular thing because we simply love them. Perfect during lock down where panic buyers clear all the snacks shelves as well as majority of the population forced to live on a budget due to the circumstances.

How to stay sane during lockdown - my daily mental health care routine.

30th March, 2020
Locking the country down, social distancing, sudden deaths of innocent population, not knowing how long it will remain this way for - had a massive impact on a lot of people and their mental health. Anxiety consuming your body from left, right and center, and that's very understandable with everything that has been going on in the past weeks. As humans we are creatures of routine. We always tend to get things done in certain order around same time each day. From waking up, eating breakfast, going to school or work, getting housework and shopping done and so on, it is very natural to become anxious about the changes that recently took place all around the country and worldwide, not to mention not being able to see your loved ones on top of it. The only way to overcome this feeling and be in control of your thoughts, body and your approach at this moment, is the correct mindset.