7 musts this Christmas!

19th December, 2015
First of all I want to introduce my baby to you in the photo above, meet Cola! As you can already see (judging by the look of my blog this month) I love Christmas! To me Christmas is the most beautiful, happiest time of the year where everyone is close and fulfilled with love, kindness and compassion. Here are my 7 Christmas must have's or do's to be able to fully feel and get into the Christmas spirit!
1. Christmas jumper
Run to the nearest clothes store and get yourself some warm Christmas jumper if you haven't done so yet. Whether it's a Santa Clause, Reindeer, Snowman or Christmas tree print, your choice! As long as the jumper you get reminds you of the beautiful Christmas time.

2. Christmas decorations
Decorating your house will add that sparkle to your home. Start off with small decorations and top it off with a Christmas tree. In  my house we buy a fresh, massive tree every year. The smell of pine or fir all around the house is irreplaceable.
3. Mandarins
I can't imagine Christmas without mandarines in my house. This has been a tradition ever since I can remember. My parents would buy 5 or more boxes of mandarines every year on Christmas. The smell around the house while peeling them is truly amazing and so Christmassy!
4. Ginger bread
I'm a big fun of ginger, always put a slice of it in my tea. My house without ginger bread on Christmas? Impossible! To make it even more fun involve your partner, kids or friends in baking them from scratch together!
5. Christmas comedies
I am so looking forward to all the films that will be on during the holiday. Christmas comedies are absolutely the one for me The Santa Clause, Jingle all the way, Home Alone, Love actually and thousands more..
6. Christmas songs/carols
During Christmas I always play Christmas songs in the background. It helps me relax and fully involve spiritually. My favourite Christmas songs are definitely Last Christmas and Let it snow. What's yours?
7. Turn your phone and social media off
This is the tricky one! Especially for a blogger like myself who loves her readers. Turning your social media and phone off during Christmas is essential. Helps you stay fully dedicated to your family and close ones on this beautiful day, away from the internet drama and outside world.