Chicken and veggies in jelly.

30th March, 2016
Are you, like myself, a fan of a nice and hot chicken soup on a cold and windy day? In my house, a Sunday without chicken soup feels like another day. Few years ago my mother taught me how to turn the lovely traditional polish chicken soup into a solid and cold dish! It's finger licking good and a great dish to serve at a party or family gathering! And how amazing and unique does it look!?
+ canned peas +
+ salt +
+ pepper +
+ green parsley +
+ parsley, carrot and celery root +
+ leek +
+ whole chicken +
+ gelatine +
Cook a whole chicken with carrots, parsley, celery and leek in water with salt and pepper until tender. Strain out the broth. Separate chicken from skin and bones then chop it. Chop previously cooked carrot. Place chopped carrots and peas into small cups or bowls so that it covers the bottom of the vessels. Mix broth with gelatine then pour it over carrots and peas so that they're covered. Wait 10 minutes for the broth to settle a little. Add chicken and finally fill up the cups with broth so that the veggies and chicken are covered. Place in the fridge for at least an hour until the broth turns solid, into a jelly. Serve with a dash of vinegar or lemon juice and fresh parsley.