My home spa routine.

5th July, 2016
In all walks of life, if you've got the money, there will always be someone happy to take it off you with a gracious smile and a credit-card machine. Spas are no different, hence I rather avoid them and do what I call my own weekly spa routine. This way I know exactly what I'm putting on my skin, I'm in my own, environment and the best thing about it is that is completely free of charge!
Setting the mood
The first and most important thing is to prepare your home spa area or room! Whether is in your garden, bedroom or bathroom make it as relaxing as you can! I prefer my rituals to be done in my tub. I fill it up to the top with a hot bubbles water, chuck some rose petals in it, light up vanilla or sandal wood scented candles and throw on a relaxation music. Ocean waves or rain forest are my favourite ones! Don't forget about a cup of green tea. My favourite one is T+ they have the yummiest tea flavours you can imagine.

Preparing the goodies
I absolutely dislike ready scrubs from shops or supermarkets. I believe they're a waste of time and money. I feel the same about ready facial or hair masks, we often forget to read the back of the packet to see what certain products contain and what we put on our skin. Instead I like to prepare my own home made beauty products. I add a tea spoon of olive or coconut oil to 3-4 teaspoons of sugar, mix it together in a small bowl. Sugar crystals do their job irreplaceably when it comes to getting rid of old skin cells and the oil adds that extra glow and healthy look to my skin. Hair masks? All you have to do is mix 2-3 egg yolks with a tiny bit of olive oil or a few drops of honey. I have been using this mixture for a very long time now and I can gladly recommend this recipe to everyone reading this. Home made cucumber or honey facial masks have been my number one way for a healthy, fresh and young looking skin ever since I can remember.
After spa care
Let's not forget that these kind of rituals unfortunately aren't enough for a long-lasting effect. Healthy diet, exercising and drinking plenty of water are essential to look your very best. To ensure I provide the best care for my skin on top of all that, I take Regime London daily every morning and evening. They specify in supplements that help to enhance skin beauty, maintain skin elasticity as well as fight the visible signs of skin ageing.


How do you look after your skin?
This post was created in collaboration with Regime London.