My top tips to be happy.

4th July, 2016
There is a time in your life where you feel like nothing is going right. Number of different things and situations bring you down. We've all been there and it ain't the best period is it? Feeling depressed not knowing why. Well here are my top tips to pull yourself through the hard times. They helped me a lot and I hope they will help you too in one way or another.
Look after yourself.
Believe me looking after yourself can really boost your confidence, self esteem and happiness in general. Whether it's just to get your hair or nails done, eating healthy, exercising or treating your self to a spa or even just a face mask in the evening. Doing any of these will lift your mood. Sometimes a little TLC is all you need to make you feel relaxed and better about yourself after a stressful day.
Turn off your phone and social media for a day.
A couple of years back I used to spend most of my days surfing the net! Instagram, google, twitter or facebook, it got to the point where I sat there refreshing the page every 30 secounds like a mad woman, just to see the most recent news feeds and believe me my eyes experienced some horrible things. A video of a transsexual man getting beaten the life out of, a little baby drowning in a pond, animals abuse and more.. I never realised how much these things got to me until it was too late and I had to visit a counsellor where I've been told that I have a depression and advised to turn off my phone and pc for a week or two. On the same day I've deactivate facebook, turn all my technology gadgets off and focus on myself. It helped me a lot and I recovered very fast.
Spend time with loved ones.
Being around people that love you and care about you is the best feeling. Get your ass up and grab a lunch or a drink with your best mate or a family member.
Go on a date.
Instead of sitting at home all alone invite the guy/girl you fancy out for a dinner date or a picnic in the park. Even though I live with my better half we still tend to take each other out on romantic and spontaneous dates pretty frequently! It helps us bond and get away from everyday surroundings. :-)
Get up early.
Yes! I know, it's easier said then done but haven't you ever noticed on the days when you wake up early you feel much more positive, motivated and productive during the day. Set your clock alarm for 7 am, don't even think about snoozing it! Jump in a nice cool shower, have a healthy breakfast and get on with your day.
Go for a walk.
Let some fresh air in your lungs and brain. Lay down on the grass in a park, shut your eyes and listen to the birds tweet. I've been blessed with a lovely dog called Laya to enjoy my daily walks with.
Read a book or write a story/letter.
Reading a book, writing a letter or story can feel therapeutic and give you a break from the digital world. It can be anything from a letter to your friend or lover to a diary or a book!
Do something kind for a stranger.
Whether it's helping an old man cross the road, helping a pregnant woman carry shopping to the car, buying homeless person a meal or giving someone your seat on the bus or train. Doing something good for a stranger is priceless and gives you something that money can't buy - 'emotions'. ;-)
Try something new.
Trying something new in your life can give you a lot of excitement. This could be anything from trying new activity, food, watching a new film or visiting a new place. Try something new and break the routine that you always fall into.
Do something you love.
Keep your mind away from all the negative thoughts by doing something you really enjoy. Draw a picture, watch your favourite show, take thousands of selfies just to pick that perfect one. Whenever I got staff on my mind I log on my blog and write a new post. This way I can express my feelings, like I'm doing right now and focus on something enjoyable. Another thing that keeps me relaxed is being around animals. I find myself often visiting local farms or going to the zoo on a nice sunny day.
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