9 elegant home things worth buying!

9 elegant home things worth buying!
20th December, 2016
Can't kick off the New Year without refreshing and changing up the look of my house. And I don't mean refurbishing or repainting the rooms, but simply adding little things that will automatically boost the appearance and set a mood in your interiors. I absolutely love and enjoy buying decorations for my home, it makes me extremely happy and it's a form of distress too. This season cushions and wood are definitely massive in my house, from wooden photo frames, candle holders to statuaries.
Indian Bijou offers an elegant and trendy range of home decoration and furnishings for the discerning modern consumer. From tea light holders, cushion covers to photo frames, all detailed and beautifully finished. I couldn't scroll pass the silk hand embroidered cushion (photos above) which is truly complimenting my bed.
Indian Bijou is a celebration of India's glorious tradition of making beautiful products with deep focus on craftsmanship, creativity and sustainability. How amazing does that sound? Take a look at the amazing little things below that have caught my attention and some even stole my heart!
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This post was created in collaboration with Indian Bijou.