What to eat instead of sweets?

1st January, 2017
Happy New Year!! What's a better beginning to the New Year than a healthy lifestyle post? This year is all about getting back into shape after pregnancy for me, which won't be happening until my princess is here in April! The first step is replacing my biggest and worst habit - sacking sweets, for snacking something much healthier which at the same time, can taste million times better.

Dried fruit.
This is a very valuable snack that delivers great taste and nutrients. Dried fruit are rich in fibre regulating bowel function, as well as vitamins and minerals. Dried plums and apricots are a perfect substitute sweets! However, remember that dried fruit have calories, so you should prevent consuming them in big portions.
Fresh fruit.
My favourite sweets replacement and at the same time vitamin bomb and tasty snack. The advantages of consuming fresh fruit are never ending that it is impossible to list them all. But certainly they will serve you much better than stuffed chocolates or a pack of biscuits! Nor do they provide empty calories, but minerals and fibre. The perfect fruit for a sweet lover would be pear, they are super sweet but contain low-calories. Another great thing about pears is that they ​​consist of 84% water and contain a lot of pectin: soluble fibre, which under the influence of water increases its volume and makes you feel full for longer.
Fruity yogurt.
Of course, the homemade one. Blending it with a teaspoon of honey, fruit, oatmeal will turn a plane yogurt into a delicious, healthy and sweet snack. Avoid buying ready fruit yogurts from shops and markets, as they are full of sugar, chemicals and the percentage of fruit in them is very low.
Oatmeal cookies.
Again, only homemade! Baking your own healthy cookies can be so much fun and you can involve others in it!! Adding dried fruit, nuts and honey to them is all you need, to make them taste better than any cookie you can possible find in the store!
Dark chocolate.
Dark chocolate contains a minimum of 70% cocoa. Dark chocolate slows down digestion process, makes you feel full quicker and produces separated serotonin (hormone of happiness), unfortunately this one isn't for me as I can not stand the taste of it.
What are your sweets replacements?
Do you like any of the ones I've listed above?