Valentine's day diy idea - memories jar.

6th February, 2017
What's a better way of expressing your love and feelings to your other half than by creating something special and meaningful from scratch!? DIY project gifts are under rated and I'd love to encourage each and one of you to give it a go on a special occasion such as Valentine's Day. I've came up with this memory jar diy project which can also be replaced with a box, this can be gifted to your husband, mother, father, children or a friend - you name it! Placing a bunch of amazing memories and special moments in a decorated jar or box will put a smile on anyone's face! I went for a jar simply because I find it more appealing and simply prettier...
How to create a memory jar
1. Print out a photo of you and the other person.
2. Find an old jar and decorate it with previously printed photo,
gems, stickers or whatever you like.
3. Write down or print out memories that you've shared
with the person and place them in the jar!
Below you can see some of the memories I've placed in my jar. It will be gifted to my fiancĂ© of 2 years on Valentine's day, which is also our 2nd engagement anniversary. What's even more special about the 14th of February this year is that we will get to see our baby girl in my belly on a 4D scan.
I've picked this photo of us simply because I love it. It's natural, we are both enjoying a summer afternoon in the pub, I was probably already pregnant here but unaware!! :-)
What do you think of this idea?
What are some of the memories that you share with your special someone?