DIY - question game for couples.

17th March, 2017
I regularly create fun and interesting do it yourself games for me and my partner. I find it an amazing way to relax and the outcome of bonding when testing them out together is priceless! This game includes all kind of questions, from hypothetical, naughty or ones that test the knowledge about each other and more. We both tend to spend a lot of time on the internet, I regularly check my emails, schedule new posts, promote my blog while Callum enjoys his tablet games. This is a great opportunity to turn off all technology gadgets and nice way of spend quality time together.
For my do it yourself project which I called 'Question game for couples', I have used an old perfume packaging tube to store the question cards in, which I have previously decorated and made it look a little bit more appealing. I have typed up a bunch of relevant questions in photoshop, with colourful background, which I have then printed out and cut out into pieces. This could also make a lovely gift for your partner for Valentine's Day or other occasions. You can also check out my 'Cupon game for him and her'.
Printable game cards: