The birth of our daughter.

20th April, 2017
I can finally announce that our first child was born on the 7th of April. It took me two weeks to write this post but as you can imagine recovering from birth and adapting to a new born ain't as easy as I thought it would be - literally. Words can't describe how happy I am along with my fiancĂ© and how beautiful and special the day of our daughter's birth was.
He predicted the date and time..
She came on Friday the 7th of April at 9pm. The craziest thing about this is that Callum predicted the exact date and time that she will be born on. How mad is that!? I remember around 10 minutes to nine, Callum looked at the clock and said 'Ah no, she won't be born at 9pm I guess'.. At that time her heartrate was slowing down so I was forced by the midwife to start pushing hard and 10 minutes later she was finally with us. Believe it or not Callum recorded the whole labour, including pushing her out and cutting the cord. I couldn't watch it in the first week as I was way to sore to even imagine what my down below looked like at the time lol. A week later we both sat down and watched the whole video, sweating it out!! A beautiful (and painful) memory for us to look back on in the future.
The pain before the labour..
My contractions started 2 days before, they would come every 30-10 minutes in the first day and were pretty painful, I didn't think they would get much worse to be honest with you, as I was in queit a lot of pain already. The next day was really bad, contractions came every 5-6 minutes and lasted up to a minute. The pain kept getting stronger and stronger... And more fucking stronger with each construction. I spent both these days walking as I couldn't stay still. Imagine being in SO MUCH PAIN that you can't even sit or lay down. On the 6th of April around 11pm I've freaked out as I've lost 'something that appeared to be my mucus plug' and I've rushed to the hospital with my fiancĂ© and dad. I was in so much pain, tired and really fed up. I was then examined by two midwives, and told that I am only 2cm dilated, that I am still in early labour and once the right time comes - I will not be able to cope with the pain and that's when I should return. 'What the fuck... Are you kidding me? were my exact words. I couldn't believe my ears lol but hey it's all good. I knew my bubba was coming soon so nothing else really mattered. Right??
I did it without any pain relief !!
On the next day the pains were even  fucking worse, words can not describe the pain a woman goes through - how are we even alive or conscience through that time? Me and my partner spent all day walking up and down the road. I puked up few times - never mind, had a terrible headache, couldn't really eat or drink much but I still did to ensure I'm strong enough to push her out! Around 2pm I've notice quiet a bit of blood in my underwear now that's when I proper freaked out! I also couldn't feel my baby move, I've panicked and started crying. Callum rang the hospital, bless his heart he was so scared and worried but tried to remain calm for me, they advised me to come in. We got in a taxi and rushed to the hospital. The poor taxi driver was terrified that I will deliver in his car lol. He kept looking at me in the mirror with a paranoid look on his face. As we arrived to the hospital, the midwives monitored my baby's heart beat. Everything appeared normal and they were ready to send me home as 'I was still in an early labour' they said... I've demanded to be examined before going home to find out that I am 6cm dilated, not only that, my waters broke as I was getting examined!! We've rushed to the birth unit where my pool was set up for my 'dreamed and relaxed water birth' that turned out to be a disaster as I could not stay fucking still in that pool because of the ripping apart kind of pain. The contractions were so strong and frequent by then that I have asked for gas and air. Unfortunately I quickly refused to use it any longer as it made me feel slow and drowsy, similar to the tipsy feeling when you are under the influence of alcohol and I didn't want to feel that way on the most important day of my life, so I carried on without any pain relief like a soldier..
He was amazing..
I have to highlight how proud I am of Callum who has been so supportive throughout the whole process. He was rubbing my back, soothing and tickling my body, (sorry babe but ain't nobody got time for that in this very moment - I just wanted to be LEFT ALONE!) putting cold towels on my head, telling me when to push and how to push, he was basically my midwife. I don't think I could do it without him by my side, he supported me all the way and made Christianna's birth day even more special. I'm truly blessed to have him in my life.
Was it painful??
I was in the pool for less than an hour, the midwife advised me that I will not be examined again until 4 hours later as the average dilation per hour is half a centimetre. 10 minutes after she said that I have felt the urge to push. The midwife looked at me shocked and asked if I feel like I need to push, I replied yes and I've started crying - from the pain, of course.. I guess I've panicked. She then examined me again and all cervix was gone! Yes it is happening! 10cm dilation, she's coming!! Callum was so happy and excited the only problem was...

I did not know how to push

lol.. It took me 2 hours to figure out how to fricking push, I was then asked to move on to the bed as I was getting really tired and Christianna's heartbeat rate was slowing down. That is when I freaked out and started pushing properly somehow !! She came within 10 minutes. The pain was bad, I mean real bad.. Not only the contractions but the stinging sensation when her head and arms popped out. Oh lord. Nooo! Please God, remove this from my memory. Best thing about it is that you forget all about the pain the second they place your bundle of joy on your chest...

''No you fucking
the pain traumatises
you for life!''
I was shaking, I couldn't believe it. She was finally laying in my arms. She looked so perfectly beautiful! I was holding her so close, kissing her cute little head and fingers. She smelt so good too! I would of never thought how cute new borns smell once they pop out. Cutest and most bonding seconds in my life, you know a whole bucket of blood just leaked out of me but no one noticed because the baby is finally here, so everyone's happy treading around the bed in a puddle of your blood. She pissed and pooped on me but that's fine bearing in my all the pain I just went through and all the blood I lose - she decided to poo on me... Callum cut the cord and stayed with me that night in a very uncomfortable chair by my hospital bed, my poor baby - he went to lean back on it and the chair went flying with him in it, he was acting like he is pain - but you ain't got a clue what pain is mate so don't even dare complaining you that just bumped your head. Christianna was in a little crib right next to us. Both our parents came to visit us, I rang my mum and dad as soon as she was born to let them listen to her very first cry. It sounded so beautiful, I was touched. To finally see, smell, hold and hear our little bubba! My mum of course started crying. The next day we was discharged around 12pm. All the midwives were stunned at how beautiful she was. She is now 13 days and she owns half of our king size bed...
It's not what I've expected..
I had absolutely no clue at how little new borns sleep and how much they feed lol. Our little bubba is up every 1,5-2 hours to feed for 30-40mins. I've decided to breast feed and I have been loving every second of it even though she does get pretty stressy when she can't latch on properly - that's where nipple shields come in handy.. The first week was very bad she kept waking up for feeds every single hour, I was getting really tired with the lack of sleep and really craved a proper nap. The following/current week she has improved a lot. Her naps extended to 3 hours and she feeds shorter period of time. She refuses to sleep in her crib and wakes up the minute I put her down. I've tried everything that the internet, midwives and other mothers has possibly recommended to get her used to her crib - without any luck of course. She has been sleeping in bed with us, which I secretly love without a doubt. Waking up every morning to the love of my life, Callum was amazing, but waking up to him and our daughter is irreplaceable, she completed our life and family.

Do you have any children, or are you an expectant mother?
How was your labour? I'd love to hear your stories!