3 healthy breakfast ideas.

17th May, 2017
Spring - that time of the year to begin a healthy lifestyle which includes healthy eating, detoxing and exercising to improve our well-being and immune system, not to mention physical appearance! Here are 3 healthy and delicious breakfast (or lunch if you prefer) ideas which will hopefully motivate you to start eating healthy and add some exercise into your lifestyle. This could be anything from daily walks to work, school, park to sweaty gym sessions. My stepper machine has arrived this morning so I can finally start getting back into shape after pregnancy.
Gravlax salmon sandwich
+ rye bread +
+ lettuce +
+ parsley +
+ smoked cheese +
+ gravlax salmon +
Mackerel and avocado spread toast
+ one whole smoked mackerel +
+ one avocado +
+ wasabi / horseradish +
Mix one mackerel with avocado and a tea spoon of wasabi. Toast slices of bread and apply mackerel and avocado spread onto the toast.
Courgette and chicken pasta
+ pasta +
+ courgettes +
+ chicken breasts +
+ mustard seeds +
+ tomatoes +
+ cream (30%) +
+ pepper & salt +
Chop chicken breast into cubes, fry up in a pot until tender, add salt, pepper, chopped courgettes, mustard seeds, cream (depending on how creamy you want your dish to be), cook for 10mins, add chopped tomatoes, cook for another 5 minutes. In a separate pot cook pasta, when cooked, drain and add to previously cooked chicken, tomatoes and courgettes, stir and serve.
Enjoy! :-)