8 things no one tells you about newborn babies.

28th May, 2017
Being a first time mommy is not easy. Constantly worrying if we are doing things right, if our little bundle of joy is satisfied, happy, had enough to eat and so on... Welcome to parenthood!! It's beautiful and exciting but very challenging. A day didn't go by in the first week of my daughter's life where I haven't rang the doctor, hospital or midwives to flood them with questions about Christianna's well-being. This post is dedicated to all newbie parents, I hope I can put your mind at ease at least a little! However I'd like to highlight not to rely upon the information provided below, may you have any concerns in regards to your child's well-being please do not hesitate to contact your health care provider.
1. Sand or tiny stones in baby's poop
My gorgeous princess had these ever since her poo colour changed to yellow which was few days after her birth day. I've noticed little grainy bits in her nappy but didn't think nothing of it until 3 weeks later when I got a little nosey and picked them from her poop to feel them. Turns out they were really hard. We've rushed to the doctors in no time to do a poop test. It's nothing more than a high level of calcium in my breast milk which causes this little stones to form - completely normal and not dangerous at all.
2. Cold hands and feet
No your little bundle of joy is not sick, and no your house temperature isn't too cold neither. As long as their torso is warm, they are warm too so always remember to check that. Cold hands and feet are caused due to their circulation system still developing. Their blood is concentrating on reaching their vital organs and not paying much of attention to their little hands and feet just yet.
3. Babies communicate with us by crying
At first all cries will sound the same, but give it a little while and you will figure it out in no time. It took me roughly two weeks to fully adapt to and get to know my daughter. You will pick up which cry is for hunger, dirty nappy, being sleepy or simply wanting some attention. The hunger cry is usually a medium cry that comes and goes unless baby is really hungry. The sleepy cry is probably the worst as many babies seem to fight sleep and become agitated.
4. Babies sleep with...
their eyes open and this is
completely normal !!

5. Blistered lips.
This is totally normal and comes from a forceful
sucking on a bottle or breast.
6. Explosions.
In the form of poop of course. Be prepared to be in a constant cleaning mode !! My daughter's explosions don't end on changing a nappy... Her whole outfit needs to be changed lol. Do you know how many pieces of clothing I had to destroy by cutting them open to evacuate her out of her messy outfit without getting it all over her face...
7. Constant sneezing.
Another concerning but very normal thing. Baby's nasal and respiratory passages may be congested because of their new environment that’s filled with particles floating in the air which they weren’t exposed to in the womb. Their nasal passages may become irritated so they have to get use to the environment which will cause them to sneeze a lot.
8. Strange breathing patterns.
This was probably on of my biggest worries and of course it would be for every first time parent. However let me comfort you and tell you that this is perfectly normal. Infant's body, circulation and neurological system is still developing, they are growing and expanding and only time will straighten things up. Just remember that a pause in baby's breathing shouldn't last longer than 20 seconds.
These are the only concerning points that I have experienced with my little one, I'm very positive that there are tons of other scary but not harmful things and symptoms that new born babies happen to do or have.