My experience with coconut oil.

25th May, 2017
 Couple of years back everyone was hyped about the usage and benefits of coconut oil, which I totally doubted. Until roughly 7 weeks ago when my daughter was born and our midwife suggested buying organic coconut oil from the pharmacy as she had a very dry skin. I did so next day and ever since then ''heads down, hats off' - coconut oil became our very best friend.

Back to 7 weeks ago when my little angel Christianna was born with, as I've mentioned dry skin, I've purchased coconut oil from the local pharmacy, why a pharmacy? Because you can get it organic without any chemicals and other BS added. I've been using it on her little dry skin for a couple of days and have noticed a massive improvement not only that, she had few red marks on her face which reduced after the first application and completely disappeared in the next two days or so. I believed it was a coincidence and stopped using it any longer.
Just after Christianna turned 1 month I've noticed rash on her face, scalp and neck but didn't think nothing of it as she would get little baby or heat spots here and there. The next day was a horror, my little angel's face was covered in red patches and rash as well as her neck and scalp! I booked an emergency appointment with our GP to find out is eczema with baby acne. BABY ACNE? Are you kidding me, I've researched it all and spoke to other mothers to find out that this is really true and it won't go away for months, just as the doctor confirmed. He prescribed creams and bath soaks that didn't really do the job. The thing about baby acne is that it is often caused by exposure in the womb to maternal hormones. No treatment is needed, just time. It can last for weeks or even months on baby's skin.
Hearing this information has broke me as I couldn't imagine seeing my poor little girl in this state every day for the next weeks or months. The doctor suggested using coconut oil more than anything. I laughed it off but funny enough the pharmacist suggested the same.. Being a first time paranoid mother I have of course done my research once again to ensure this is safe for my daughter. I've read some amazing staff about coconut oil online and decided to give it a go. I've applied coconut oil the same night and left her to sleep with it on, the next day the eczema has almost disappeared and the rash has decreased dramatically!! We didn't even have to wait weeks or months for it to go away as it was gone within few days - thanks to coconut oil. I have been applying it on her face and body ever since with a couple of days break in between to ensure she doesn't get immuned to it.
I couldn't go without testing it out on my skin. I've purchased a separate jar for myself and my partner. I've been applying it on my face, neck and cleavage every morning and rubbing it into my scalp every evening. It's important to do a whole body, facial and scalp peeling before starting your coconut oil treatment. My skin and hair condition has improved 100%. Dark circles around my eyes have reduced.
Benefits of coconut oil:
  • Helps to keep your skin looking smooth, young and healthy
  • Promotes heart health
  • Improves insulin secretion
  • Promotes anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial activity
  • Increases cell regeneration
  • Supports your immune system
  • Supports healthy thyroid function
  • Gives you instant energy
  • Keeps you healthy and slim
Have you used coconut oil before?
What is your true opinion on it?