10 kimonos under £20 and how to style it!

19th July, 2017
Whenever I see or hear the word kimono I imagine a traditional Japanese garment. Not that long ago I wouldn't of consider saying yes to a kimono or a cardigan simply because it wasn't my cup of tea or style. Not long after falling pregnant I have realised that kimonos are 100% my thing, in other words - I've found myself (yes, 24 years it took me)..
We've all been there, growing up, confused and lost in teenager years, following the crowd. Padded bra, never ending cleavage, tight leggings and air maxes or air forces on my feet. Typical teenager look few year back.  I'm raising my eyebrows looking at old photos. What was I thinking? The feeling of disappointment in myself to think that once upon a time I believed big cleavage was 'cute'.. On the good page I am completely over and done with that and such bitter taste of style. Pregnancy as well as becoming a mother has changed my state of mind, point of view on life and of course - the taste of fashion, which I am very glad and thankful for considering the fact that see-through leggings from Primark never stopped me from wearing them few years back.. Arghhh..
10 kimonos under £20!
How to style a kimono?
- Over a cropped top and high waist shorts..
- Mix it up with different patterns or wear on solid colours..
- Bralettes show off a little bit too much skin, pairing it with a kimono balances it nicely!
- Belt it over a dress..
- Loosely tie your kimono over a body and high waist jeans..
- Pair long kimono with a maxi dress for a boho look..
- With boyfriend jeans and a cowgirl hat can look very casual and cute..
- By throwing it over a tight mini dress it will add more class to the entire outfit..
- Belt it over jeans and wear it with high boots for a very sassy and glam look..
- Pair patterned kimono with an all white outfit..
- Fed up of see through leggings showing off your butt, throwing kimono on can deal with it!
- Throw it on whilst on the beach over your swimsuit..
How do you style a kimono?
My top way of styling it is definitely a patterned or lacy one with a pair of high waist shorts and a solid colour body.