Beginning to a healthy lifestyle with Indigo Herbs.

27th July, 2017
Starting a healthy way of living involves a little bit more effort than going on a sugar free diet or buying a gym membership as your new year resolution. The true definition of a healthy lifestyle is embracing a way of life that helps you prevent and avoid diseases, it requires a balance of consuming healthy products, being active as well as a positive mind set.
Few weeks ago in my mother's house, I walked into the kitchen and gave my dad a peck on the cheek. 'There's some fruit in the fridge if you like kids.' my mum offered. I reached into the fridge in no time, picked up a box of beautiful and green grapes (my favourite), checked the expiry date on it (like I always do, my parents have a very busy lifestyle and they're hardly ever home so it's not hard to find something out of date in their fridge) to realise the grapes expired not one, not two, not three or four but FIVE weeks ago!! Are you kidding me!? They looked as green and fresh as ever. 'Grrr, I'll pass mum, I'm breastfeeding and rather not risk eating them.' - I replied.
What on Earth were they sprayed with to last so long without rotting away. I have taken a photo of the grapes (look below), you can clearly see how fresh and juicy they appear. The photo was taken on the 25th of July, thirty five days after the product expired! They are literally screaming out loud 'Eat me!! You can't resist me.' And believe it or not I wouldn't of hesitated but thanks to my habit of always checking the expiry date of products I purchase or consume. I've partnered with Indigo Herbs to inspire every one and each of you to go for more organic and harmless products unlike these lovely, green and juicy supermarket grapes.
P.s. I left them in the fridge as I'm extremely intrigued as of when will they begin to change colour, or will they ever change colour lol..?

 Know your products.
Healthy lifestyle isn't about putting a ban on the food you love or forcing yourself to work out until you throw up. It's about shaping your existing lifestyle around healthier choices. You can still eat the food you love and spend time doing the activities you enjoy - but know your limit and replace existing products with the organic ones. Supermarkets to farm markets! My new favourite healthy but still very delicious snack, are these organic coconut chips that I've been loving recently! I pair them with dried mango slices and figs.
Detox regularly.
I have mentioned this 100's of times on my blog and across my social media platforms - how important regular detoxing is. And again I'm not talking about stuffing yourself with pills and other junk recommended by media. The first step is to do your own research to ensure you have matched the best and most efficient as well as safest detox option for your body. My top three healthy, organic and very safe ways of detox are: green tea (every morning = healthy coffee replacement), nettle juice (read more about my experience with nettle juice detox) and the Indigo Herbs super cleanse detox tea.
Be more active.
I don't mean sweating it out until you can't breath anymore but simply adding exercise into your daily routine. This could be anything from walking, jogging, yoga to gym or even activities that you will definitely enjoy such as playing sports. My favourite way of staying active is playing badminton with my other half. It involves every inch of the body and leaves me very achy but happy, not to mention the fun we both have chasing the shuttlecocks.
Indigo Herbs is on a mission to supply their customers with the finest natural health products of the best quality and at affordable prices. 'At Indigo Herbs we think the path to health starts with taking responsibility for your body, mind and soul. The second step is making the change by working some healthy routines into your daily lifestyle. We are right there to help you with that, as we supply a broad and unique range of quality products to include in your daily lifestyle, from breakfast, lunch and dinner, to everything in between.'

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This post was created in collaboration with Indigo Herbs.