Charcoal blackheads remover - does it really work?

14th January, 2018
 The very famous charcoal blackheads remover... I see it everywhere. Every blog, youtube channel, magazine. I couldn't resist but to give it a try and test it out myself. When it comes to my nose it's literally polluted with blackheads. I have been feeling the urge to deep cleanse my pores and find the perfect product that would get rid all of the dirt on my entire face, especially my nose. I feel frustrated just thinking about my nose !!!
I've came across MagiForet charcoal blackhead remover and I said to myself; you know what, now is the time - today is your day to test out the so known product all over the world and hopefully enjoy my brand new, blackhead-free, smooth nose. Did it work? Continue to read...

The application is extremely easy. All you have to do is wash and dry your face. Apply a thick enough amount of the charcoal product to cover up your skin, avoiding eyes, lips and eyebrows (you don't want to peel them off your face, do you). Leave it to dry for 15-20 minutes and slowly peel off. Wash away the excess product and lastly spray your face with the rose hydrosol which I found very soothing!
Did it work?
The 'peeling off' part wasn't as bad as some women make it out to be. Apart from the fact that it left me looking like Rudolf the red nose reindeer for over an hour, I was pretty satisfied as this product managed to get rid of at least 70% of the blackheads from my nose as well as all of the tiny hairs. I will definitely continuously repeat it on the regular basis to hopefully obtain the 100% clean and blackhead-free look I am going for. Bottom line, the entire process went very well, considering the fact that I haven't done such treatment in my entire life. Overall feeling was definitely satisfaction and very smooth skin.
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Have you tried the charcoal blackhead remover first?
How was your experience?
What other products could you recommend for blackheads removal?
This post was created in collaboration with MagiForet.