Things I want to do before I die.

Ever since becoming a mother I have been literally over-thinking my life, things I haven't yet done, things I want to do with my daughter, things I can do to become a better person. The other day a little girl said to me that she invited loads of friends to her birthday party but none of them wanted to come, my reply was 'It's their loss, all you need is your family at your birthday, I'd love to be there too!'.. She smiled at me and agreed. Not sure why this little situation has got me thinking about staff that I haven't yet done but always wanted to. So I have written the top ones down and I will aim to complete and tick them of my list before I die! I believe this is such a lovely way to become more motivated and to achieve more in life.
Becoming a mother has completed me in many ways. I am much more confident than ever, happier, definitely more mature and ready to learn new things and make myself as well as my daughter proud. There are number of courses that I'd love to study, tones of books I want to read, amazing places I'd love to visit and I will slowly start completing and ticking of my 'to do' list. Because there is no limit, as long as you really want something, you can do it, nothing's impossible...
Swim with dolphins.
Learn a new language.
Visit Venice.
Adopt a pet or two...
Help an individual or support a charity.
Have more children... ;-)
Go camping again!
Start reading more books.
Learn to swim.
Try every possible cuisine.
Host a jumping castle party for my birthday, yes!
Marry Callum (my fiancé).
Turn my back garden into a sandy beach theme for my daughter.
Paint a picture which I will later proudly hang on my wall.
Buy a house on the farm.
Begin to meditate and do yoga every morning!
Have a snow fight!
Have a photo taken with a tiger.
Watch all episodes of Bridget Jone's Diary!
Become a vegetarian.
Take my daughter to all her background countries.
Turn my hobby (photography) into career.
Make my own family tradition - not sure what yet lol.
Create a diy dream catcher.

I would love to hear some of the things that you really want
to do or achieve in your life before you die.
Share them with me in the comment box bellow!
P.s. Invited or not I am attending this little girl's birthday party with a bunch of presents and I will have fun! :-*