DIY tea bags.

26th October, 2017
As the biggest fan of tea I regularly pick and dry herbs and fruit to create my own tea flavours. This gives me the option to create that perfect flavoured brew. This season is all about hot drinks. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face right now, more than a hot cup of delicious cinnamon spiced tea in a big mug.

What are your favourite flavours? Lemon, pepper mint, berries or camomile? You name it. The point is to collect the resources you will need for this project. Dry them and then let the magic; mixing and combining them together - begin! Are you an enjoy-the-taste tea drinker or are you into more beneficial brews such as camomile, fennel or nettle which contains a bag of nutrients and more. Check out my 'The power of nettle' post to read more about it!

I used coffee filters, thread, or a bit of string and labels which I first created in photoshop then printed them out. My favourite tea I have created so far is lavender! It tastes absolutely fabulous, relieves stress, improves mood, reduce inflammation, eliminates dandruff and soothes a tommy bug. If you live close by and your lavender flowers in your front garden are missing, now you know why!

What is your favourite tea flavour?
Let me know so that I can try it if I haven't done so yet!