Spice up your bedroom life.

9th October, 2017
Let's face it, we all experienced this problem before - not being able to show all the love and appreciation to our other half, caught up in a busy lifestyle, whether it's work, looking after the kids or other things, you name it. That's when this post comes in handy! Spicing up your bedroom life is one of the things that would put a smile on any face and it really doesn't take much effort or time. It could be anything from full sex, quick oral pleasure or a little bit of teasing.

To me the base of a good sex and a very happy man (as a bonus) is a long and 'detailed' foreplay. My top way to allow your mind and body to get fully involved is by playing out a little roleplay. It wouldn't feel right if you didn't own some really sussy lingerie and look like that hot and filthy nurse or a naughty and controlling police officer for your boo behind the bedroom doors. Not sure where to get a sexy outfit from? At Fever collection you can get 15% discount using the code LOVE15 plus a free delivery with purchases over £15.00! I've decided to dress up in a naughty nurse outfit and take care of my baby all night longgg.. ;)
All tied up
Tie your lover up and please them with your tongue and mouth from head to toes until they can't take it anymore!
Hot and steamy
Tie your lover's hands to the shower head. Massage every inch of their body with soap or shower gel then rinse it all off.
Strip dice
Take turns rolling the dice. The one with the lowest number has to remove a piece of clothing. Have fun taking it all off.. (-;
X-rated lunch
Pack a lunch for your lover and include a naked photo of yourself inside their lunch box.
Role play
Doctor and patient, student and teacher, post man and office worker.. You pick!
Take turns feeding each other pieces of fruit using only your mouth.
Sex by number
Buy a sex positions book. Randomly pick a number and open a book on that page. Try as many positions as possible in one go.
Bath tub
Give your partner oral pleasure in the bath tub.
Foreplay game with a spin
Write down foreplay activities on pieces of paper. Place them in a circle and use a bottle as your spinner.
Toss a coin
Winner gets to watch their lover cook or clean the house naked.
Home made porn
Capture it on tape then watch it together.
Perform a private strip show
Put on your sexiest lingerie, slow jams and move your body to the beat. As you remove your clothing, throw each piece towards your King.
Dinner delights
Plan for a romantic candle lit dinner at home or out. Write sexual suggestions on a piece of paper and exchange during dinner. See if you make it to dessert.

Laya had to get involved in the photoshoot and spice up
the post for you guys lol!
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This blog post was created in collaboration with MysteryVibe & Fever Collection.