Tips to a better sex.

16th February, 2018
 For a very long time I believed that sex isn't an important part of a relationship. I was more focused on spending quality time together and so on... Caught up in a busy mummy lifestyle, whilst my partner works Monday to Friday, let's be real - there's not always time for intimacy. I've not long ago realised how important sexual closure with your lover can really be and how much it can boost your confidence and overall mood.
Tease the right spots for a better orgasm.
Sex without foreplay is like an ocean with no water... Or am I being too dramatic? After numerous times of experimenting sexual interaction with my partner; with and without foreplay, I am very confident with my statement. Not to mention there's a lot of studies confirming this. Teasing the right zones and parts of a man's and woman's body before diving right into it, will build you up for an amazing and super intense orgasm...
Ears - when touched or licked, it can help your lover reach their peak, try licking, nibbling or whispering while they are getting closer to orgasm.

Nipples - from my research, nipples are one of the population's hottest spots on the body, my suggestion is to lick or nibble on one whilst rubbing or squeezing the other one!
Mouth - full on kissing boosts levels of dopamine in the brain which is a neuro transmitter in both men as well as women brain. From soft, gentle and slow to sloppy wild and lip biting kiss can really build you up for the finish line.

Neck - who doesn't love their neck being kissed? Lick and kiss your lover's neck with your mouth slightly open breathing the hot air onto it. The combination of the heat and vibrations from your tongue will cause some seriously dangerous sensation.

Keep things spontaneous!
Planned sex just does not feel right, I didn't even know people do that until reading some sex related articles. Get out of your typical-sex-routine, as even the best and wildest one can get boring after a while if you are following the same bloody steps with every intercourse. Spice things up, change positions, locations, ever tried a role play? It's just an upgraded version of a foreplay, because as soon as Mr. D. meets with Mrs. V. - there's no time for acting anymore, things are about to get real! Check out my 'Spice up your bedroom life' post for more ideas. Men, just as women love when their lover is spontaneous and confident with their ability behind the bedroom door...

Quality over quantity...
Ten quickies will never beat one, passionate, long, sweaty and raw sex - now this my friend, is 'quality'. More sex simply doesn't mean - better sex. Studies shown that the happiest couples only have sex twice a week at max! Are you shocked? I was too! So if you're concerned that you and your partner are not at it like rabbits, don't worry! Focus on putting more energy into one 'better' intercourse rather than many.

Intimate hygiene.
 Excellent intimate hygiene is extremely important in sex not only because you don't want to scare the spirit out of him with your odour, but simply because the area is very delicate and prone to infections. Treat your flower to the right products that will keep the acidic pH at the right point and state. Swipes offers the softest, echo-friendly wipes on the planet, with their organic and natural ingredients such as pure water, aloe and vitamin E with no alcohol, harsh chemicals or soapy residue, providing a gentle touch for your most sensitive parts, leaving you happy, refreshed, clean and confident! Head over to their amazon store where you can get a $2 discount of a 3 pack bundle of the unscented swipes or my favourite, cucumber scented swipes.

This post was created in collaboration with Swipes.