My top three life lessons.

26th March, 2018
There are memories I like to go back to on a day to day basis. These are memories that inspire me and are a source of motivational stimulants, encouragement, boost and inspiration. Sometimes it's enough to meet someone inspiring, watch a movie or just read a quote - to boost your entire mood and give you all the power you ever needed to reach the top. Today I want to share with you my top 3 lessons that have made me the woman I am today...

'Money have a good or bad influence, depending on the owner's character.'

Everyone believes that money change people, but it is nonsense. Believe me. Money is not a character. We are. I am a strong believer that money, wealth or power does not distort the character, but defines it’s true colours.

'Who told you that 'you can't do it' or 'that's impossible to achieve' and how many great and amazing deeds did that person do to give them the right to put limits on your abilities?'

It doesn't mean much when irrelevant individuals or simply strangers doubt you. One of the worst feelings I've experienced as well as many others reading this, is when your parents or someone really close to you, put you down from a small age, non-stop brain washing you that this or that is impossible, a bad idea or poor career plan. You need a hell lot of motivation, dedication and strength to ignore what others have got to say and fight for your dreams. I admire such people the most. I even have a few in my surroundings and I'm one of them too. People who fight for what they love no matter what - are true heroes to me. I had an easy start as I always had my parents behind me, teaching me that I could dream anything and make it a reality. Maybe thanks to this, I close my eyes today to all the limitations and obstacles that people throw my way.

Boastful individuals are ones with a lot of insecurities.

I absolutely love people (especially women) who are self-confident and those who know their worth. On the other hand, boastful people, who tell everyone about their achievements and how they are unique and unrepeatable - simply make me laugh. It always arouses disgust and suggests that we are dealing with someone terribly - I mean really terribly insecure.

Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile!