Pesto, mozzarella and tomatoes - quick snack.

1st April, 2018
Pesto, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes; 3 of my favourite products on one plate! Heaven on earth plate. This quick, cheap, healthy and absolutely delicious dish has quickly became my favourite thing to munch on a daily basis. As a mother of a toddler baby girl who is currently teething (cheer up baby) it can get pretty hectic and quick snacks like this became essential in my current lifestyle.
How to make it:
+ cut tomatoes and mozzarella cheese into medium slices,
+ spread them on a plate along with rocket lettuce,
(rocket lettuce has a very specific taste and complements this dish so be sure
not to replace it with a different one)
+ sprinkle dried basil and pepper onto tomatoes,
+ spread green pesto onto mozzarella slices, voilĂ  !!

What are your quick snack recipes or ideas?
Would love to hear some more..