The dirty truth about online influencers.

20th May, 2018
My instagram followers have inspired me to write this post. After receiving a number of direct messages from you seeking blogging and brands partnerships advice I have decided to cover all the aspects and points in this one post. I've spent my afternoon cleaning out my Instagram... I have unfollowed over 500 people, mainly bloggers and influencers, some celebrities too. Why my friend? Because I am tired!! Tired and fed up of being spammed with promotions, reviews, product unboxing and all of that trash.

There are two different types of bloggers in the world. Ones that will grab any collaboration offer that God, or Devil in this scenario, sends their way just to make that bit of extra money. And ones that are credible, believable, trustworthy, and reliable... Ones that will limit their number of collaborations, sponsored posts, brands to minimum, because they will only undertake any work with a brand or a product, they know well enough, inside out to recommend it to their public.

I have worked with many brands over the past few years of my blogging career. I have made every possible mistake and have learnt my lessons each and every time. I have been in the industry for long enough to know what's what and how it really works. I pick my partnerships wisely and very carefully. I get to know the brand and research the product - before I even respond to any collaboration offers. How on Earth can you trust an influencer who promotes 10 different products a week across their blogs, websites or social media platforms? 'Courier Days' are the biggest myth and lie in the entire blogosphere. Do you really believe that the 5 different creams the lovely and pretty Lauren just shared with you via instastory, are truly so amazing and will leave your skin glowing and wrinkleless? She just bloody received them all today - how would she even know that herself? The truth is that, yes we are paid to promote products or services - but we are not, shouldn't be anyway, paid to lie or spam our audience.

I have only ever worked or considered working with products that I have personally tested myself and was pleased enough with the product to spread the word. A lot of products that I have previously introduced to you I have not even been paid for. These are the products that have ticked all the boxes for me and it didn't hurt me to share them with you without being paid to do so. Instead I've gained your trust and became a trustworthy influencer in your eyes. And once you've managed to do so, you have won - regardless of your following or readers count. My 'fans' come to me for advice and recommendations because they trust me and they know they can rely on me when it comes to that. The minute a blogger gets greedy, that's when they have lost it, lost it all. They have lost their reputation, and the most importantly they have lost you. The audience. And without the audience a blogger is nothing.
I always ensure to partner with the right brands that are the perfect fit for my readers and blog. By working with products that interest my readers or at least match the theme of my blog or posts, I am very certain and confident that the outcome of the collaboration will be amazing and satisfying for all 3 parties; myself, the brand (client) and the receivers/viewers - which are you my lovelies. A little survey here and there can really work magic in getting to know you better, and meet your expectations. In order to sell the product, you have to know everything about it from top to bottom, inside out, pros and cons ensuring it ticks all the boxes before introducing it to the public. Working with 100s of different brands will not pay off in the long run. It will ruin your blogging career. And you can take my word for this.