How I spend £8 on nails a month.

6th July, 2018
Many women's number one addiction. Getting our beautiful nails done. I mean there's absolutely nothing wrong with it however the amount of money that goes to waste on nails that won't even last as they always end up breaking, cracking or growing two fast and the roots on show isn't the one! Here's how I've managed to save at least eighty quid a month with a little advice from a wise woman.

Few weeks ago I've spent a lovely afternoon with my friend Natalie who's nails always look on point. I've noticed that her nails looked rather thinner than the ones I had on that day, acrylic and pretty thick as most of you already know. I asked her where does she gets her nails done and her reply shocked me as her nails looked truly professional. 'Primark, £1.00' - she goes... Lol I am certain you can imagine the look on my face as I was not expecting that answer at all. I have tried wearing such 'stick on' nails many years back in my teen years and as far as I remember it wasn't the best of experiences.

I rushed to Primark the next day after hearing all the positive points about the £1 nails that my friend has listed to me the previous day; 'they last over a week, they're cheap, stick on well an easy, they're very comfortable'... Hmm, how tempting yet hard to believe. After purchasing my first box and actually rocking it for a week I've realised she was not lying about a thing! All the boxes were ticked. The excitement and happiness of finally being able to save the money I would spend every fortnight, and still look on fleek.

The entire process didn't take no longer than quarter of an hour. The first step is to arrange them into the correct sizes for each finger nail. You get a total off 24 nails plus the glue. Once your nails are lined up all you have to do is apply them with the glue provided. My only warning to you is be as quick as possible as the glue dries within seconds and a wonky nail isn't a good look! My first thoughts were very positive. The nails looked gorgeous and very natural. The application was quick and extremely easy as well as fun! Within the first four days no nail fell off or broke. Sadly on the 5th day, I've managed to pull one of the nails whilst changing my daughter's bedsheet, however it still remained on my finger nail. The next day, day 6 it came off, I've decided to stick it back on and wear them for the following day or two. You can not go wrong for one pound! After one week of wearing them on my finger tips, I've decided to removed them and at that point they came off pretry easily without any force or pain. Without any hesitation the next day I headed over to Primark for a month supply of different design, shape and lenght nails -  I was in heaven! Since that day I have not even thought about getting my nails done professionally and I am very certain this will never change.

Pros of stick on nails
- easy and quick to apply
- cheap and affordable
- the ability to change the appearance, design, shape, lenght or color of your nails more frequently
- it doesn't hurt as much when/if pulled
- easier and quicker to remove
- not having to wait queues to get your nails done
- easy to file
- no roots visible as you can remove and apply new ones as soon as roots appear

Cons of stick on nails
- doesn't last as long as gel or acrylic nails
- thin, which means can break easier or bend
- risk of applying nails wonky as glue dries within seconds
- have to be a little more careful with manual work to prevent breakage