Top three things motherhood has taught me.

7th August, 2018
 Becoming a parent almost feels like being a student all over again. Shedding your old skin like a snake and become a whole new, better person. Learning new things as well as teaching them. Parenthood lessons can be brutal, stressful fulfilled with tears, but also beautiful, happy, full of joyful moments. Here are my top three lessons that I have learned since becoming a mother.

Who I really am.
I never truly knew who I was until becoming a mother. Always wanting more from life and not giving a damn in the world about others. From a young girl who hated children with a passion, in love with parties and alcoholic drinks, getting back home late with the Mr., spending all my savings on fake nails, new clothes and takeaways... To this gentle, caring, patient mother who finally got her priorities together. From sleeping until late afternoons to getting up early to get that milk bottle warm and ready. Being a mother has opened my eyes on man things, changed my view on life and definitely defined who I really am.

Appreciate 'me time'...
Until becoming a mother to my gorgeous little girl, my days were fulfilled with laying in, getting up and going sleep whenever I wanted to, holidays, pamper evenings, nights out and lazy days. This has changed dramatically and I quickly learned to appreciate as little as 10 minutes to myself. From a peaceful 'quick' shower, a meal without my daughter digging her fingers in, to a quick trip to the shop and back... I show deep appreciation and gratitude to the limited 'me/child free time' that I now get. Not a moment of time is wasted since having a child lol.

When becoming a parent you have to grow patience immediately. I mean we're only humans. It's not hard to lose it with the obstacles life throws our way on a daily basis. I was one of the most impatient people in the entire world until meeting my bundle of joy. I am still not perfect, but I learn and grow my patience every day.

What are your top lessons you've learnt since becoming a parent?