Weird but cute things couples do together.

18th August, 2018
What could possibly feel better than being in a relationship with someone who is also your best friend? Someone who you can feel hundred percent comfortable with not having to worry about awkward situations. In order to be happy with your significant other, putting a censor or a mask on is a no-go! I have never had this problem with my fiancé, and I can not imagine our relationship any other way. We both do the weirdest things behind close doors and in public too! I love the look on people's faces when we end up doing something totally silly together - it's priceless. We recently began to vlog, however we soon realised that our vlogs were so weird and inappropriate that we had to take them off YouTube! I love my crazy life by the side of an insane man who completes me in every single way.

Talk to each other in weird accents or voice when no ones around. Not sure why but Indian accent is our favourite and we're pretty good at it, bearing in mind Callum is originally half Indian. The different voices that we both use to talk to each other on a daily basis deserve a medal.

Holding your man's piece while he's pissing... Umm deny it as much as you like love, if you've been with him for long enough, you have most definitely tried this before too! It's weird but fascinating!
Farting/burping competition. I know, pretty wild! But it's fun and he always wins!

Pinching your man's balls. This must be like the only way to make him listen or give up after doing my head in for so long!

Tell each other bed time stories. It got to the point where sometimes I struggle to fall asleep unless my baby tells me a story about a wizard who lived in the jungle lol...

Weirdest role plays. We really love a good role play, our favourite one is him being my body guard - don't ask!!

Funny dancing... Naked! He often does his little dance naked which is pretty disturbing with his ding dong flopping all over the place.

Almost every night we go to sleep head to toe, so that we can rub each other's legs and feet before we fall asleep.

Playing leg guitar. Do I really have to explain?

Shopping in IKEA pretending it's your house. Last time we went there for our baby's nursery shopping we've almost ended up falling asleep in one of their comfortable beds with all the people walking around starring at us weird.

Screaming into each other's mouth. Not sure why my weird fiancé enjoys doing this but he often asks me to open my mouth just so that he can scream in it...

Meowing at each other. We do this all the time, normally when I meow he doesn't do it back. I will get louder and louder until he meows back...

Sniffing each other. I love the smell of my man, even he's bloody armpits smell on point!!

Use each other's toothbrush. When you get to this point of your relationship you know he's the one lol...

Poo in front of each other. I love it when he is just relaxing in a nice hot bubble bath, with candles lit and his favourite music on... Then I come along and ruin it for him...

Foot phone. When he grabs my foot, puts it on his ear and pretends he's talking on the phone.

Making weird songs together. We basically have like the whole album 'in our heads' of weirdest songs that we both make and sing on a daily basis to each other or together. Not one of them actually makes sense.

What are the weird or cute things you do with your boo?