Autumn decoration - DIY pumpkin vase.

17th October, 2018
Pumpkin - the queen of autumn. You can make absolutely anything out of it !! From a delicious soup to deserts or Halloween decorations. Left alone also looks fabulous and definitely stands out in my living room. In today's post in the form of a DIY vase, which will delight not only inside the home but can also welcome guests from the porch, as a unique decoration of the garden. Take a look how ridiculously simple it is...

To make a pumpkin vase you need:
+ pumpkin +
+ floristic sponge +
+ sharp knife +
+ autumn flowers +
+ pencil +
How to make an autumn pumpkin vase?
Draw a circle in the middle of the pumpkin.
Cut out the circle with a sharp knife and remove the pulp thoroughly.
Fill the inside of the pumpkin with the floristic sponge.
Pour water in until soaked enough.
Arrange flowers then place inside your pumpkin vase.

For an easier option you can skip the sponge process and place a whole flower pot inside the pumpkin.