Gorgeous idea to wrap chrsitmas gifts.

1st December, 2018
Christmas just around the corner, time of joy, peace and of course - presents! I love this magical period of planning, combining, and preparing gifts that will bring a smile to the faces of those, close to my heart. With the house smelling of oranges, cinnamon and cloves, climbing up the ladder to pull out all my favourite Christmas decorations out of the loft... And let the most wonderful time of the year begin...

The packaging itself is just as important as the content of the gift. In the end, it is such fun, the joy of squeezing the wrapped up gift in your hands, turning it in each and every way around, wondering what a surprise it hides inside... It's totally worth putting a little heart and work into gift wrapping, making the presents look original and beautiful, a cheerful thing to look at before opening your presents.