7 amazing benefits of eating ginger during pregnancy.

21st January, 2019
I don't know about you, but me my friends - I have experienced the absolute worse morning sickness you could possibly imagine during pregnancy. It first started towards the end of week five and lasted all throughout 1st and 2nd trimester... From morning all the way until late afternoon - every single bloody day. I suffered for so long only to find out what an effective cure ginger can be for nausea. 
Of course I would never recommend anything to my readers that hasn't been tested by the expert, myself... I have researched the benefits of ginger during pregnancy and was pretty shocked, as I remember previously coming across an article that lists all the disadvantages of consuming ginger whilst pregnant and breastfeeding. With a deep further research and a confirmation from my GP I was very confident to give it a go. I reached to the kitchen in no time to make my favourite brew that I have been drinking over the years yet avoided since falling pregnant - tea with a slice of lemon and fresh ginger. The nausea almost disappeared after several sips! What! Are you kidding me? I thought I've tried every method and remedy I could possibly think of... And the answer to my question have been chilling in the corner of my fridge this whole time. Ginger is a natural ingredient that is known to neutralize stomach acids and reduce occurrences of gas, bloated feeling and aids digestion. Here are some of the most common benefits of ginger use in pregnancy...
1. Ginger stimulates blood circulation and makes sure
the baby gets adequate blood supply.
2. Ginger reduces cholesterol level, which decreases the risks
of a high cholesterol level during pregnancy.
3. If you are suffering from morning sickness and nausea,
you can expect relief by taking ginger in any form or shape.
4. Ginger is effective for treating common colds,
minor ailments and persistent coughs.
5. It is known to contain about 12 antioxidants that work
as a great anti-inflammatory agent and also neutralize
the free radicals !! But that's not it... Read on...
6. It increases the supply of iron and vitamin C that
supports the immune system of your unborn child.
This reduces the chances of birth defects.
7. And last but not least,
ginger is low in sodium that makes it
a safe option in different recipes.
This doesn't end here... The list is almost never ending. There are other amazing health and beauty benefits of this amazing vegetable however I've listed the most relevant ones !!