Most effective natural remedies for children.

28th January, 2019
Growing up in a countryside, in a family full of women who believed in natural ways and home remedies, which in fact worked and dealt with any bug or discomfort more effectively than most medications prescribed - I've decided to share some of my favourite ones that I have been using on myself and my little girl (who is now twenty-one months) since her very early days.

Here are my top home remedies for your bundle of joy...

P o t a t o   s t a r c h
My absolute number one miracle cure for nappy rash - in other words natural and organic baby powder. Nothing else has ever worked for us this effectively and fast. Wash the affected area with a wet cloth. Dry it. Apply the starch and put nappy over as normal. Watch the redness reduce dramatically within the next few hours. Potato starch is made by grinding and drying, you guessed it right! Potatoes. It contains vitamins, minerals, potassium, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants and absorbs all moisture.

N e t t l e
Yes. The stingy leaf that burn the f*ck out of your skin when you accidentally tread into it. Believe it or not, I've managed to completely get rid of not only my daughter's hay fever but also mine - that I have struggled with for years. Works best in the form of juice but can also be consumed as a brew. Here's how to make your own nettle juice and how it benefited me.

F e n n e l   t e a
Our little girl has suffered with colic in her very first month. The GP recommended a medication that never even soothed her the slightest bit. In no time, without any doubts I reached for my grandmother's good ol' fennel remedy. Fennel tea aids healthy digestion, treat bloating, gas, or cramps.

W a t e r
Replace all cold medications with water. There is no better and quicker way to get rid of a nasty cold than drinking plenty of it! Cold and flu symptoms like runny noses and sweating, which often accompanies fever, increase the amount of water your body loses - therefore it is important to stay hydrated. It helps thin the mucus in your nasal passages, pushing the fluids out of your nose and decreasing the pressure in your sinuses. Less pressure means less inflammation and irritation.
H o n e y
Works wonders as a cough syrop. A teaspoon at night before bedtime to sooth your little one's throat or first thing in the morning. Can also be mixed with warm water or milk. Honey has bactericidal properties and research has proven that it reduces the intensity of cough by more than fifty per cent. It can be given to children over the age of one. Take a look why honey is the must have essential in my house.

C o c o n u t   o i l
We all know it very well. The list of benefits of coconut oil is almost never ending. I use it regularly before brushing my daughter's hair every morning and by adding it to her daily bath. Read my experience with coconut oil when my poor little girl woke up covered in severe red rash.