Cutest, soft and organic baby towel.

2nd February, 2019.
First collaboration featuring my daughter Christianna. I mean how adorable is she !! Absolutely can not stop starring! She was only small in these photos and couldn't even sit up on her own yet. As far as I can remember styling this baby gown-towel for the picture seemed impossible! Over a year later and she still fancies the life of it although it barely fits her anymore. After noticing a lot of new mummy followers and readers I thought it would only be right to add more 'mummy and baby' posts here. How does that sound?

When it comes to our little treasure, our daughter Christianna - everything has to be perfect, just like her and this cutest and organic baby bath towel which ticks all the boxes for me as a parent. I'm sure you can see how amazingly soft it is just by looking at the photos. It's made of natural bamboo fibres and it's hypoallergenic with added 30% cotton for impressive water absorbing qualities. This towel comes with a few lovely perks such as a snap button and soft wrapping lace so that your bundle of joy can wears it as if it was a cute bunny costume. How amazing is that! Just imagine how cosy it must feel on her skin after a warm bath.

Rating: 10/10

This post was created in collaboration with Lushi Lushi.