Pamper up your phone with GoCustomized !!

4th February, 2019
Even before our daughter was born the house was already filled up with scan images of her in my belly, you can only imagine what goes on now that she is already here !! Myself, Callum and my parents we all have Christianna's gorgeous name and face engraved and imprinted everywhere possible !! From clothes, frames, jewellery to tattoos.

Let me introduce you to GoCustomized which is a lovely brand that specialises in beautifully finished and very neat personalised cases and wallets for your phone or tablet !! I can't wait to get one for Christianna's nanny and grandpa !! Ah and by the way, this photo was the very first one of her smiling, how beautiful? She was only a month and a half old.

Rating: 9/10
This post was created in collaboration with GoCustomized.