Why doesn't your 'vision board' work and how to create one ?

9th February, 2019
So we've all heard or read somewhere before about this so-called 'vision board' that make your dreams become a reality. Cute, creative idea - but unfortunately I have to disappoint you. The creation of the board itself will not make any magic happen and no you will not suddenly appear in your perfect little house or the car you've always wanted.
Cute font, colourful images and motivational quotes. Looks good when it's completed and hanged on your wall or stack onto your bedroom door. I bet hundreds, thousands, millions of other people across the world made one of those vision boards too.

How to create a vision board?

That's a tricky one. It seems ridiculously easy and simple yet you're stack at it, ten minutes passed, nothing on your sheet of paper just yet, nervously tapping your pen against the table, hmm.. Are you still looking for an idea? The more you focus on it the more difficult it is to come up with something... In the end, you give up, go to sleep and.. Ideas start popping into your head north, south, east... From every possible side and angle - one by one. Or even come to mind when you're in the shower, going for a jog, or driving to work. Sometimes you have to set your mind a task and let it subconsciously work on it in the background. But then to run those ideas, you have to close other applications that are already opened in your head..
'Sometimes you have to set your mind a task and let it subconsciously work on it in the background.'
A pregnant woman will notice baby bumps, new borns and prams everywhere. Why doesn't anyone else notice it? As we give our mind a command or set a task - it will continue to work on the objective, we will subconsciously begin to see opportunities in various situations to allow us to get closer to its realisation.

Tonight before going to bed, ask yourself. What is it I really want to achieve in life? Where do I want to be in 5, 10, 15 years from today? Who do I want to be married to? Do I want to be married? What will the person I spend the rest of my life with look like, what will their personality be like? What will the job that will bring me money and make me happy at the same time be? What clothes do I see myself wearing? How healthy and fit am I going to be throughout my entire life? What people will I be surrounded by? What courses will I complete? How many children will I have? Ask yourself as many questions as you can possibly think of about your life and future then allow your mind to rest and give you answers the next few days. Remember to write everything down. Then once you have a sheet full of ideas get started on your vision board. Everything is possible. There is enough for everyone in every aspect and form - and do not forget that when creating it!
Vision boards are cool and effective if they don't consist of random elements and information but instead thought through step by step actions and ideas which we truly believe are possible and achievable. Focus on those goals. Cleanse your house from bad energy. Lead a positive lifestyle. Show gratitude. And remember that what you think you become.