Inspirational Monday - links I've been loving.

11th March, 2019
Ah how we all hate Monday don't we? To me Monday is my favourite day of the week. So exciting! A whole new fresh week is starting, so much to get done, so much to look forward to. Instead of moaning be thankful for another Monday in your life and make it as joyful, enjoyable and productive as you can. With Monday being the most hated by many day of the week I decided to sweet it up for you by sharing some of the most inspiring, interesting, fun and motivating links I have came across these past seven days leggo...

1. This Doggy Photo Booth helps sheltered doggies get adopted.

2. This 'Couples play truth or drink' video will leave you crying from laughter !!

3. Can we just take a walk through the Shenandoah National Park please?

4. I might just pet a hedgehog - meet Lionel the cutest insta famous creature.

5. Over one hour of positive affirmations with Louise Hay that will change your life and boost your mood automatically - listen on way to work, college, school or shopping.

6. I've been 'trying to' learn to bake inspired by the always stunning and well dressed Lauren, with the cutest home and the most colourful brownies and Instagram profile ever !!

7. About to order this adorable bamboo table wear for my daughter.