4 garden activity gadgets for your child in summer.

24th June, 2019
Along with the husband we decided to hold back with travelling for a couple of years until my daughter is a little bit older. I try to take her out as much as I can, from soft plays to parks, playgrounds, local play groups and other fun places for children that don't require travelling long distances on a public transport as neither of us drive. With summer time at it's full swing I have recently purchased four outdoor activity toys/gadgets that keep my little doll face happy, occupied and very satisfied. Some are easy to put away or fold to save space when she is not playing with it.

I've never thought how much fun and joy it would bring my little girl. I have first brought a smaller slide, which she loved and enjoyed but could clearly see it wasn't tall enough, so I decided to invest in a bigger slide which also folds away to save space as our garden isn't the biggest of size. She absolutely loves it especially when sliding into her puddling pool. Head first, face in the water, she does not care - she's honestly the bravest little girl I have ever met!

Paddling pool
Regardless of size, a pool full of water on a hot summer day will keep your bundle of joy occupied for hours. We have a small one and a bigger one, as the English weather loves letting us down I decided to purchase a little round 3 ring pool for £5 from Morrisons that I can easily blow and fill up within minutes and empty by the end of the day. The bigger pool pn the other hand we only put up when the weather is meant to stay nice for a little longer than just 1 day. With a slide attached, few soft balls and some water toys - she's literally in heaven. 
Sand pit
Probably one of the best investments when it comes to keeping my daughter happy and occupied. Suitable not only on a sunny or hot day. Hours of fun! And she gets so creative. Remember to purchase one with a lid to keep cats and foxes away from the potential and very tempting toilet... I've purchased mine in Argos, and the soft non-toxic play sand from Wickes.
Water & sand table
Another water/sand gadget - she absolutely enjoys it and plays with it almost every day. You can even bring it in on a rainy day and let your child play with it in the bathroom or just place a large towel underneath to keep the floors dry and your child safe from slipping. There's a massive range of different sizes and themes of water/sand tables across the internet and can really occupy the most fussy toddler.