My 30 minutes morning cleaning routine that makes my house tidy.

21st June 2019
The question I get asked on a daily basis on my Instagram profile... How does your house stay so clean with a toddler. The reality is - it will never be 100% tidy with children (including husband lol). Don't believe in the spotless interiors grids you see across Instagram. I mean who's gonna post a photo or a story of a messy living room with a floor covered in toys and food and juice spilled everywhere? Well, I am...
I try to show you the reality of my life, behind Instagram. My house is NEVER 100% tidy, there will always be toys and snacks around the table. Cushions will never last longer than 10 mins neatly lined up on the sofa, because my daughter rather pile the up in the middle of the room. But there is a way to make your house look like it's always tidy, and here are my simple six steps I follow every single morning - except of weekend, because I need a day off too you know!
1. Make all beds first thing you wake up.
Making your bed makes such a difference. No matter how messy the room could possibly be, a nicely made bed will always stand out and make your room look tidy. I tend to do this 1st thing I get up before I even head downstairs for breakfast. I make my daughter's cot as soon as she wakes up which is normally 2-3 hours after me.
2. Put washing on & fold clothes away.
My trick to always empty washing baskets is sticking washing on in the morning, airing it all afternoon and night, then putting it away the following morning. I don't normally have to do this daily. Every other day I have a nice load of dirty clothes waiting for me. I find this option so enjoyable instead of building it up and having to deal with a full basket in one day.
3. Wash up all dishes.
I normally wash up as I go, until dinner time. We eat dinner around 6pm and by that time ain't nobody got time for dirty dishes especially with a full belly. I do it all the following morning and put it away in the afternoon.

4. Wipe/polish all surfaces.
Giving my kitchen worktops, table and coffee table a little polish every day makes such a difference !! Especially the coffee table by the sitting area, where my daughter dribbles and spills drinks on all day long. I repeat this step a lot as the day goes on, as I hate a messy table.
5. Wipe all sinks and clean toilets.
I created my own mixture in a spray bottle. I use an old CIF bottle. 1/2 of thin bleach, 1/2 of distilled white vinegar and few cupfuls of your favourite Zoflora !! I personally prefer CITRUS one as it is my favourite scent for cleaning products, and it's very refreshing too. I give all sinks and toilets a quick spray and wipe/scrub. Bleach perfectly gets rid of any stains, vinegar deals with limescale and citrus Zoflora - on top of smelling beautifully it is also a disinfectant.
6. Tidy up after yourself as you go.
Make a snack? Wash up and wipe the worktop as you finished eating. Don't ever put cleaning before eating - like I did in the photos above. Your belly is more important than a tidy worktop or sink. Had a bath? Rinse it after yourself, stick dirty clothes in the washing basket. Messed up the toilet? Give it a scrub. And so on. This should be a habit in every household - and the key to a tidy place. Each of these task will take you about 60 seconds - what you waiting for!