Quick and light lunch idea for summer.

23rd June, 2019
I don't know about you but in summer, a hot summer, I don't mean a typical English summer.. Anywhere from 25'c and above, my appetite levels drop to minimum. Heavy meal is a no go. From soups, salads to fresh fruit and veggies on it's own. That's me !! Here's one of my favourite salads, the perfect little meal for a hot sunny day.

How to make it ??
Cut 1 block of halloumi cheese into 1cm slices. Dry fry on a non-sticky pan on both sides until golden brown, roughly around 5 mins on each side. In the meantime, in a separate large bowl mix together watercress spinach and rocket, chopped up tomatoes and cucumber. In a small glass add 2 tablespoons of olive oil, stir in herbs of your choice. I've used dried parsley, basil, oregano and majoron, with a nice big squeeze of lemon juice. Pour dressing over your salad and mix it all together. When halloumi cheese is ready, let cool down and chop into small squares. Add to the salad bowl, serve and enjoy.