Natural ways to speed up a sun tan.

6th July, 2019
As a big fan of natural ways and remedies I'm not too keen on using so-called tanning activators that support the production of melanin to accelerate tanning process in the sun. Browning of the skin can also be improved with the intake of vitamin A found in natural alternatives such as carrots. Below are my five natural ways to speed up your tanning process and have that perfect tint before summer has even fully started!
Peeling before sunbathing
Getting rid of dead skin with body scrubs will make the tan appear faster and last longer. Coffee peeling would be perfect for this as it naturally darkens the skin and although the effect will not be long-lasting it will give you that extra sly tint before sunbathing. Be gentle and careful not to irritate the skin too much as this, along with the sun wouldn't end well.
Carrot juice
It works just as well as tanning tablets, carrots are natural source of beta-carotene, found in different tanning products. Drink a full glass of freshly pressed and delicious carrot juice at least 30 minutes before going out I the sun. And don't be shy to sneak other fruit or veggies in the juice maker if you're not a fan of carrot juice on it's own.
Time matters
Dermatologists warn against sunbathing between 10am and 4pm, when the sun is the strongest and shines the brightest, however if you do it wisely - you can get away with tanning, instead of burning. Ensure to start of step by step. Make the first time no longer than 10-15 minutes on each side (front & back), give your skin at least 24hours to recover before repeating the process - this time for a little longer.
Reflective sheets
With the help of reflective sheets, you can direct even more sun light to the body and strengthen it's power. They are available all over the internet. Simply lay on it like you would on a blanket and enjoy the sun do it's magic work.
Sunbathing near the water
Water attracts and reflects sunlight, therefore by sunbathing close to it, you will tan much faster than in the park or balcony... It works identically to the sheets described above.