10 things to do this autumn.

9th September, 2019
As many of you might know by now autumn is my favourite season, and the opposite for some, mainly because of the rainy and windy days. I love the magical look of our gardens and streets covered with golden, brown, red and yellow colours, long walks with my daughter as well as evenings snuggled up in a warm blanket sipping on a hot tea with lemon and ginger next to the love of my life!

Things to do in autumn.

1. Put your cooking skills to use. Whether you're the top chef or a beginner, why not try out a new receipt? Let the smell of a hot soup or pumpkin bread fill up the whole house. Yum!
2. New amazing instagram and blog photos. To me autumn is the best season for the most beautiful photography. Capture your street or town covered in all the shades of the Earth's warmest colours. :)
3. Movies day in alone or with your loved ones. How I love staying in my warm, cosy house on a rainy, windy day - watching tones of films or cartoons cuddled up on the sofa with my little girl or cats (my little heaters) sitting on my laps. I personally love horrors and thrillers, but let's be honest - there's nothing better than a romantic comedy on an autumn day!
4. Autumn DIY projects. It can be really satisfying creating something from scratch or just making a project goal and watching it come to life. I've already picked leaves along with my daughter, which I've placed inside a book, once they have fully dried we will use them in different DIY art projects!
5. Get into scrap booking. Make a goal to finish up your album for the year or in my case, my pregnancy diary! Print out all your favourite photos from your life and stick them in your album. You can even get your family or friends involved, this is the perfect bonding activity!
6. Feed the squirrels, foxes and birds. This must be the greatest autumn activity to me. I don't know about you but I'm obsessed with animals! Head to the woods with the kids or friends and a bag of nuts or bread to try and seek out some hungry squirrels and help them fill up their nut stores for the winter. :)
7. Go for a walk. Take your dog, a friend, mum or dad or even just go on your own! Take a long walk on a cloudy October day, pick some leaves on the way to take home and make a beautiful bouquet out of them. There's so many different inspirations all over the internet.
8. Autumn online shopping. If you don't feel like leaving your house to go to the mall, why not just go for the easier option and make some online shopping. New thick wool socks - can never have too many of them, and a warm knitted sweater - is a must!
9. Host a firework dress up party. Isn't this an amazing idea? Especially for those who have missed Halloween and/or Bonfire Night because of work or what ever reason. Host a firework party at your house where everyone has to dress up just as it was Halloween.
10. Write an early letter to Santa Claus. Why wait until the last minute, think of the things that you want the most this Christmas and sneak them in your partner's or parent's wallet so they can't miss it! Make a list of the gifts that you also want to get for your loved ones - so you're not stuck later on without any ideas with Christmas around the corner...