My top life, home and cleaning hacks that will make your life easier !!

30th October, 2019
I have been meaning to write this post for a good while now !! I tried to remember and write down as many of the handy hacks that I use in my home on a regular basis as possible. Most of them have been passed on to me by my amazing mother who has previously worked as a cleaner and house keeper when first arriving to the UK. I remember how fun it was for me as a child to be able to attend her client's beautiful houses with her, located on the streets of West London, watching her do the magic and turn greasy kitchens into - IKEA showrooms... Ahh how I loved the modern interiors and wonderful d├ęcor.
+ Organise tea bags into containers with air proof lids. Cut out the tea name out of the original box and place into each container so that you always know which tea is which.

+ Soak a cloth or sponge in a lukewarm water mixed with a cupful of your favourite fabric softener to gently get stains and hand prints off the walls.
+ Make your house smell fresh by warming a vanilla bean or cinnamon stick in water on the stove.
+ Spray rugs, furniture and home areas with vinegar to prevent cats from urinating on it and scratching it.
+ Use towel wrapped tongs to clean blinds.
+ Chop up and freeze fresh herbs, they last longer and don't go to waste. This way you always have your favourite herbs to go. I mainly use parsley and dill to sprinkle dishes with, especially soups !!

+ Organize your bathroom essentials or make up with a cutlery tray.

+ Stick sparklers inside a carrot to allow your child's little hands to easily take a good grip of it and prevent burning.

+ Remove wax from carpets/rugs/fabrics using iron steam !!

+ Freeze top/t-shirt before wearing it on a hot day.

+ Freeze pillow cases before getting into bed on a hot night.

+ Use plastic straws to help wilting flowers stand up straight.

+ Limit the amount of water your toilet uses by putting a heavy item in the tank. This is especially great for households with children, just imagine the amount of water you could save, that goes to waste daily on the teeniest bit of weewee !!
+ Use vinegar as a limescale remover and window cleaner. My favourite way to use vinegar in my house is to delimescale (is that even a word?) my kettle by simply pouring vinegar inside, leave to stand for 20 minutes, boil, rinse out with hot water. Boil the kettle with fresh water in it. Repeat this 2-3 times and all ready to go without harmful chemicals being used!

+ Mark keys with nail polish to never get them confused again !!

+ Use toilet roll tubes to tuck on to the rail behind the curtains, to make them look fuller and neat - I've learned this amazing trick from my mum who worked as a cleaner in Portobello Hotel in London. She introduced me to the most amazing cleaning tips and hacks which I have featured within this post.