The top Amazon and Ebay affordable toys and gadgets your toddler will love !!

23rd October, 2019
With me being the toy expert as my friends would call it and top Amazon and Ebay products lover and over thousands of toys and different products reviewed behind me, I am here today to share with you some of my favourite online buys geared towards children !! As you guys already know I loveee a new toy for my child. It literally gets out of control but you know what? You only live once! So does your child. So why not. I can already sense being told off for this intro from my husband as he has my blog set as home page on his phone... He doesn't agree with my approach and I understand that. Anyway let's skip the long bit and dive right into it!

Soft balls with ball pit
Ever since bringing this beauty (my daughter in photos) into this world, whilst still living with my parents back then - I always promised myself to one day, when I finally own a house - buy a large ball pit, big enough for my little girl to enjoy without the balls spilling everywhere. She now has a large inflatable pool in her room filled up with 4000 soft balls along with a slide (see photos above). I can only imagine how fun it must be for a toddler to wake up and dive into a pit filled up with colourful soft balls. But of course not everyone has enough space for this. With this electric pump that I manage to find and buy for only £8.99 on Amazon, you can inflate and deflate the pool quick and easily so that you have the option of putting it up once in a while or on a rainy day when going out is not an option.

I came across these multicoloured plastic soft balls and I was pretty satisfied with the price, value followed by speedy delivery as well as the quality of the balls. You get what you pay for, the balls come in packs of 100 of balls in each bag (which also can be easily stored in a loft, wardrobe or under the bed - in the bags provided). I purchased 1000 four times, and each time I received what I've purchased without any doubt. My daughter had her ball pit for almost a year and they still look as perfect as when they first arrived - considering the fact she plays in it almost every day along with her friends or my husband... YES my husband !! These can be used in water as well, they float well and make the paddling pool more fun and colourful.
Play town rug
I've been on a hunt for a fun mat to play on for my toddler, with interesting design or pattern. When I was a child I owned a city/town rug, and never really stopped playing with it for many years. I always enjoyed cruising through the streets with my toy Ferrari.. I came across this children play village/town/city rug on Amazon and ordered it immediately as I could only imagine how fun this would be for my little girl, bearing in mind she loves cars!

From the day this product arrived at our doorstep my daughter has not stopped playing with it. I brought this for the downstairs living room to put it up for her whenever she is bored and put away same day - however it has been set up on the floor for couple of weeks now with different buildings, animals, cars and people she found within her toy boxes and created the cutest little city ever. This rug became one of her favourite things in the house - considering she has a lot of different fun toys and activities. The quality of the rug itself as well as the city image is 10 out of 10. I am very confident to say that you will be just as satisfied with this purchase as me - not to mention the affordable and reasonable price. The only minus is that the buildings repeat however it doesn't seem to bother our little princess. There is a police station, snack bar, school, car wash & petrol station, farm and cinema. Apart from that a lot of trees, roads and parking spaces all over. The thickness of this product is perfect! It isn't too thin - nice and soft to sit on, and it isn't too thick - makes it easy for toys to stand up on it without wobbling or falling over. The size of this specific rug that I've purchased is 100cm x 165cm. A couple of my friends loved it enough to purchase it too! Hours of creative play and a very happy and occupied little toddler! What more do you need?

Drawing aqua water mat
My daughter owns a few of these mats - and by far this 1 has my heart! This children drawing water mat is perfect from as early as your bubba learns to grip things properly. Hours of creative and not so messy play guaranteed. I normally bring these out, instead of paints - whenever Christianna has her toddler friends around, at least that way everyone's satisfied (including my walls & furniture) and I don't have to worry about cleaning all the paint off the tables, floors and ceilings after... Another thing I love about this product is that you can fold it and take it literally anywhere with you. It's just as fun indoors as it is outdoors, in fact it dries quicker outside...
You fill up the pens with water - the twisting part is a little tricky as in order to open each pen you have to twist it the opposite way you would normally do. Took me a week to figure that out - considering there was a picture instructions on each pen this whole time... Don't judge me! 👀😅 I would literally pull the lid off with my teeth not realising you just have to twist it RIGHT instead if LEFT - never mind. This product is reusable as the water dries off the mat usually within 5-10 mins, and you can begin to paint on it again. It is also very durable. The first one we purchased has been with us for over a year and it is still completely fine today. It is made out of waterproof fabric that will keep your little one dry. This water doodle mat comes with 2 water pens, 1 water brush pen, 12 different drawing template and a painting booklet which is amazing !!

Ice cream cart pretend play set
My friends always tell me I spoil my child rotten with all the toys I buy her on the regular basis. I didn't quiet understand until not long ago when I've realised there hasn't been many days when the courier didn't knock on our door with a parcel for my little princess... With a toy inside it... Or two... Or three... Not only do I love testing products but I love spoiling my daughter even more. Anyway let's talk about this adorable ice cream cart shop pretend play set I found on Ebay...
Christianna owns few of these sets, there's a variety of different shops/stores from BBQ, burger, candy to grocery store and more.. However this one my friends - beats them all. I was truly surprised with the quality of the candy, ice cream and muffins this specific set contains. They are very different to the other ones we have previously purchased as those cute little pretend sweets are made out of rubber and they feel amazing and look very realistic. A massive plus is that the ice cream scoops actually stay on top of the cone and you can even pile them up on top of each other without them sliding off. The muffin toppings twist/grip onto the actual muffin base which makes it so much easier for a tiny pair of hands to handle and fun to play with. Another thing I love about this play set is that you have to apply all of the stickers yourself, which in my opinion is very creative and fun. My daughter as well as myself - we both look forward to putting these up together. Hours of creative fun guaranteed. I highly recommend this product to everyone - would make an amazing birthday or Christmas gift.
Sand and water table
This must be one of the best things I've purchased for my 2 year old girl - who pretty much has everything you can possibly buy a 2 year old - speaking of toys. This sand and water play table has been very busy entertaining my little girl since arriving at our house.

It was so fun to put together along with my daughter, we filled it up with water and sand - in the separate little section. Again, hours of very creative fun. I am truly pleased with the quality of the plastic it is made of, as well as the size - it is bigger than I expected and the different little parts/toys provided with it such as spade, sand castle mould, bridge, 2 small boats and more... It's also quick and easy to put away and store - which is what we have done for winter. I also let Christianna play with this in the bathroom before bath time, but of course instead of sand I fill it up with water.

Little Tikes easy storage large slide
So far this Little Tikes easy storage pink slide has been one of the best investments for my child to keep her happy and occupied. This slide entertains and shocked every single child that comes over for a play date, let's be honest - not every one has a big pink slide in their room or back garden. It is very stable, quick to put up and well made. It is also foldable so you can put away end of each day or whenever your little one is finished playing with it.

This slide has been everywhere and lived all over our house. Started off in the living room, then upstairs in my daughter's bedroom where she would slide into her soft ball pool all throughout winter. In spring we brought it outside so she can enjoy it in the fresh air, and in summer she enjoys sliding into her paddling pool down it. Great gadget for the most fussy child.

Bouncy unicorn hopper
My 2 year old little girl loves bouncing on her toys but she always bounces on the most inappropriate ones such as inflatable animals, balloons or balls and it's never a happy ending. I never even knew cute bouncy animals such as this white with pink bouncy unicorn hopper existed. I went onto the Amazon app to browse for bouncy balls and luckily this beauty came up. I've ordered it without any doubt or hesitation as the uniqueness of it really convinced me without even reading customers reviews like I normally would...
Not to mention the price... I was looking to spend £20-£30 on such toy and was happily surprised that it was half that amount. I was stuck in between the white and purple one and went for the white one in the end, glad I did as it is very easy to clean with it's wipeable material. It came with a little manual pump which made the hopper quick and easy to inflate within 60 seconds of time. It is the perfect size for my toddler who is taller than the average. She had it for a good few months now and uses it on a daily basis and the air hasn't gone down once. She also uses it in her pool to float on or bounce on.

'This post was created in collaboration with Amazon and Ebay sellers, however please rest assured that all of these products have been purchased, reviewed/tested and truly loved by me and my child, enough to recommend them to my readers with a very clean conscience.'