4 decorative home gadgets that I have been loving over the past year.

7th November, 2019
I don't know whether shopping for home d├ęcor and gadgets makes me happy or I'm just addicted, either way - I love it... I can almost never resist going into B&M, Pound Stretcher or Wilko whenever in town. And even if I do, and I give myself a pat on the back 'Well done girrrrrl! Yasss Dominica! You did it! You're the woman! You just walked past that shop like a real soldier...', there are always other temptations and ways such as Amazon and Ebay where I don't even have to leave my house for a hunt opportunity to purchase some new bits and bobs for my home that of course I don't even need. Here are some of my fav items that I came across online and been loving ever since.
First of all I'm not a fan of artificial plants or flowers let's get that out of the way. It's never something I would consider buying or even looking at, at the aisles or online. However I have recently came across an artificial grass plant for garden, when walking through the local shopping centre and I decided to try it out as I needed something cute, small and decorative for my garden table...
I began browsing on Amazon and I came across these 3 decorative artificial succulent plants and gave them a chance without any doubt! With the quickest next day delivery I was pretty pleased with how realistic they actually look. The colours of each plant are very natural, not too dark not too bright - just perfect. I don't think I would of guessed they weren't real if I see them somewhere other than my own house... I loved them so much to give them a home inside my house on the wall shelf in my living room, rather than the outdoor where I originally planned! A massive plus is how light these are, with a limit of maximum 5kg recommended weight on top of the shelf these are the perfect choice as I can have other small ornaments along with a lamp placed on it.
Rating: 5*/5*

How gorgeous is this? I am so very satisfied with this outdoor rubber back pattern doormat, to be honest this is the best one I've owned so far - and believe me I owned many. I got irritated with my old mat few months ago and decided to chuck it and not ever buy one again... Either leaves getting caught up in it, or it looks out of place, too chunky, too big - always one thing or another...

However this cutey has been with me for few months now and I am very pleased. Still looks brand new, does the job, and compliments my front door without a doubt. To be fair I wasn't sure what to expect due to the low price - but as soon as I ripped the package open I was pretty shocked and pleased with this product. Already got my eyes on the next one from this seller called semi circle flower !! I was literally stack in-between those two for good few days before I finally decided to make up my mind and purchase one. Quick delivery and very attractive price !!

Rating: 5*/5*
If you have been reading my blog or following me on Instagram for some time you know how obsessed I am with decorations and ornaments that set a positive vibe and relaxing mood. One day, few months ago I sat in my back garden with a hot cuppa missing something... Memory took me back to my childhood days where my mum always used to buy these different windchimes/bells with unique sounds and designs to hang all around the house to create the cutest atmosphere. Then I remembered those bamboo ones that were outside in the garden that literally turned the place into a magical Bali every time I sat down and closed my eyes. In no time I rushed on to Amazon and typed in bamboo windchime handmade in Bali...

...and I can guarantee you this has been one of my best purchases. It adds that relaxation vibe to my garden, along with a beautiful rattan set and palm tree next to it - I am truly satisfied with my small yet beautiful garden. This product is spot on, the quality, the finish look, the energy it gives out and even the price... I hanged it on my gazebo and always get compliments on how beautiful it sounds and how great it looks. It always takes people back to their mother's house - I guess it wasn't just my mum who owned one of these back in the day...

Rating: 5*/5*
Practising Law of Attraction I'm always on a hunt for positive and enlightening ornaments, quotes or decorations for my home, each and every room. With my living room theme colours being duck egg, turquoise and grey - I literally couldn't believe my eyes when I came across this stunning turquoise copper Buddha ornament. I mean how well will it go with everything around the room. Funniest thing is - I wasn't intentionally looking for such colour Buddha, I almost accidentally came across it when seeking for one of these ornaments for my downstairs hallway.

It is well made and beautifully finished, it isn't heavy which is a massive plus as there is a weight limit to go on my wall shelf (as you already know lol) and heavy things are a no go. I love the detailing and the face - as some of them can look odd or deformed (forgive me Buddha). It brightened up my room and I honestly smile every single time I look at it. It reminds me to stay positive and encourages gratitude as I go - and that is 100% what I ever aim for when browsing for new decorations for my home.
Rating: 5*/5*
'This post was created in collaboration with Amazon and Ebay sellers, however please rest assured that all of these products have been purchased, reviewed/tested and truly loved by me, enough to recommend them to my readers with a very clean conscience.'