Autumn in my house - must have decorations this season !!

31st October, 2019
As some of you already know - autumn is my favourite time and season of the entire year. I love fall for never ending number of reasons, from the fashion, hot drinks, colourful leaves everywhere you look to the weather that everyone seems to complain about. I love cosy evenings on my sofa with my favourite cuppa and romantic comedies on.

This year for the first time I had the chance to decorate my own house with pumpkins and conkers !! I have moved into my property this time last year and as you can imagine I didn't have the time to decorate my rooms with bags and boxes laying about and a toddler running wild - the last thing on my mind were decorations. This weather and the smell of wet leaves all around has took me back and reminded me of the excitement and emotions that were fulfilling my body when I finally picked up the keys and walked through the front door into my beautiful, cosy, newbuild little home. I am also expecting a new addition to our family in the next couple of weeks which will make Autumn even more meaningful and special than ever!
Take a look at some of the amazing and unique decorations...