Butter bean tomato soup with polish sausage.

21st November, 2019
I'm all about quick and easy meals. Cooking certainly isn't my favourite thing to do if I'm honest. And of course due to that, 1 pot meals are life savers to me. Check out this ridiculously simple family recipe that tastes absolutely amazing, and it's sooo filling. One of my favs since childhood days... And I never realised how easy it is to make it until I made it myself for the first time. This dish can be served on it's own, with bread or chapattis!

You will need:
+ 2 tins of butter beans +
+ 3 tablespoons of marjoram +
+ salt and pepper to flavour +
+ 3 tablespoons of tomato puree +
+ 2 smoked polish sausages +
+ bay leaves +
+ few balls of allspice +
+ half a white onion +
+ pinch of chilli powder +
+ water +
+ 1 scoop of butter +
+ 5 large mushroom +

How to make it...
Chop up onions and transfer onto saucepan with melted butter on low heat, add sausages chopped into squares and washed and chopped mushrooms. Fry for 10-15 minutes stirring occasionally. Add 2 cans of butter beans with the thick juice/brine, along with tomato puree. Stir. Add 4-5 bay leaves, allspice, salt and pepper to flavour, chilli powder and bring to boil. Simmer for 5-10 minutes, once ready stir in marjoram. If the mixture remains too thick you can add some water before bringing to boil. I normally add half a glass of water. And if it's too runny, thicken with water and flour mixture.