My favourite and affordable kitchen gadgets !!

15th November, 2019
I'm here today with a quick post dedicated to my kitchen, finally - as it's normally about Christianna's room lol !! I have been loving these gadgets for many months. My kitchen might not be perfect to some but it truly is to me. I feel so grateful to finally have my own place and be able to decorate it and do it up just the way I've always wanted to. It means the world. Last month I celebrated our 1st whole year of moving into our home and treated myself, and our home to some new bits and bobs. I want to change up few things, such us the curtains in each room but we will talk about this another time.. Let's dig right into it..

I have a thing for vintage gadgets in my kitchen and these two beauties compliment it very well. I haven't actually realised that this Brevile 4 slice cream toaster and kettle set is made of plastic until it arrived and I picked it up wondering why is this so light? It did disappoint me slightly however I quickly got over it and began to fall in love with my new purchase as you really can not tell, I can guarantee you that none of my friends would of guessed so. Not only does it look amazing but it does the job just as well as it looks! I have the toaster set on 1-2 and it is ready and perfectly toasted within couple of minutes.. Ensure to boil fresh water at least 3 times before you use the kettle, and turn the toaster on couple of times without any bread in it to get rid of that nasty smell. I have owned these two products for few months now and I am very pleased without any complaints, easy to clean and still look as good as when they first arrived !!

I was tired of the basic plastic container full of food left overs chilling on the side on my sink, so I headed over to Ebay for some compost bin inspiration and I actually couldn't believe my eyes when I came across this beauty... How can a bin look so damn adorable and compliment your kitchen worktop? Sounds insane but it really does give my kitchen that complete look along with other bits and bobs, not to mention the shocked look on my friend's faces whenever they ask 'What's in there biscuits?'.. 'Food waste babe..'.. 
The quality of this vintage kitchen worktop compost/food waste bin is 5 star. The size is perfect, by the end of the day we still have half a bin of space or more! I empty it each evening, give it a quick wash and pour few drops of zoflora inside it to make it smell fresh. It doesn't leek through - so you definitely don't have to worry about that, easy to clean with a handy lid that keeps the smell away and makes it look like a stylish biscuit stash more then a food waste bin.
This little kitchen gadget looks so adorable on my worktop, along with a matching bread bin, and previously mentioned toaster and kettle set in the same shade it gives my kitchen that vintage girly look and I absolutely love it. This old cream spoon rest is very solid and well made, honestly you would not believe the amount of times I dropped it, and it's still in one piece. These photos were taken 11 months after purchasing this product a well as using and washing it on a daily basis and it still looks fab!

How cute is this blender? My old one fell on the floor and never worked again.. With me and my family being smoothie addicts, I had to purchase a new one the next day. I didn't want a giant blender that will take loads of space and look out of place so I began my search for something a little smaller and I came across this gorgeous pink mini blender from LINKChef and with the amazing reviews I didn't look any longer and ordered it there and then...

It looks beautiful on the kitchen side and does the job just as well as any of the blenders I have previously owned, the only minus is that it doesn't seem to deal with smaller seeds from berries or linseed however that isn't a problem to me at all. It is easy to work and clean. This product comes with two portable 500ml bottles which makes it very handy. The bottles are the perfect size for my smoothie portion and with the lids provided I can take it everywhere with me. Would I buy this product again? 100% I would!
'This post was created in collaboration with Amazon and Ebay sellers, however please rest assured that all of these products have been purchased, reviewed/tested and truly loved by me, enough to recommend them to my readers with a very clean conscience.'