Our toddler's room tour.

2nd February, 2020
The response on our children room across our social media platforms is insane every time I post it. It's just a cute little interior full of toys and colours! Nothing too special - but very special to me. I never planned what this room will actually look like. It all happened very spontaneously and randomly. We've been through at least 20 different ball pits within the last year... From cats popping it with their claws to upgrading to a bigger size (more soft balls), and simply me - the mother, getting bored of the current pool wanting to change things up for my baby. If only this room was a little bit bigger... Ahh, the things I'd do to it and items I'd purchase, my head is full of amazing ideas. I love this place and I'm so very grateful to give my children the room they deserve and love. This room is a reflection of all I wanted as a young child.

This is the one thing I've always dreamed of, for my children to have, before my daughter was even born. We started of with a tiny little paddling pool with 200 balls, she currently owns quiet a bigger one with six thousand balls instead. Hours of fun on her own or with her friends, as her little brother is a little too small to be in it just yet.
I created a small area in the corner of the kid's bedroom where I placed a wooden kitchen and an old shoe cabinet which stores all Christianna's plates, bowls, cups and cutlery, microwave, washing machine and all of the pretend play food and appliances. I also spiced it up a little by adding some dry pasta to make the cooking even more realistic, fun and enjoyable. I've purchased pasta of different colours and shapes and organised it into little pots.

A slide that is inside the ball pool and a toddler trampoline that I normally slide under the bed and only get it out whenever Christianna asks. Those two items are perfect for rainy days to keep my child occupied and active, and a lot of slides are easy to store with the option to fold it away.
I love the idea of having a TV in children's room. I leave it on most of the day with educational programs such as learning shapes, alphabet and number playing in the background, and at night with soothing and relaxing music to help my daughter easily fall back to sleep on her own if she wakes up at night. Fairy lights set the cutest and calmest mood possible as well as make the place look very magical.

This is an electric car controlled by a remote or manually by the child. I've decided to place it in my children's room, but of course confiscated the key first so my daughter doesn't end up driving it down the stairs. She pretends to leave her house (kitchen area) gets into her car and 'drives' to the shop or ice cream store. I love watch her get so into it. It's beautiful and intriguing how their imagination flows.