How to stay sane during lockdown - my daily mental health care routine.

30th March, 2020
Locking the country down, social distancing, sudden deaths of innocent population, not knowing how long it will remain this way for - had a massive impact on a lot of people and their mental health. Anxiety consuming your body from left, right and center, and that's very understandable with everything that has been going on in the past weeks. As humans we are creatures of routine. We always tend to get things done in certain order around same time each day. From waking up, eating breakfast, going to school or work, getting housework and shopping done and so on, it is very natural to become anxious about the changes that recently took place all around the country and worldwide, not to mention not being able to see your loved ones on top of it. The only way to overcome this feeling and be in control of your thoughts, body and your approach at this moment, is the correct mindset.
1. Positive morning routine.
Every morning even before the lockdown, I follow a very positive morning routine which works magic. No matter what mood I wake up in, what happened the day before or what I am facing in the day ahead - the following 3 easy and very enjoyable steps charge my body, mind and soul with a 100% positive energy.

Step 1:
List minimum 10 different thing that you are grateful for as soon as you wake up and truly feel the gratitude for each thing that comes to your mind. This could be anything from objects, people to organs and more. I love to thank the Universe every single morning for 'another day - a day I've never experienced before, new opportunities, my lungs, oxygen, my healthy body, my heart and every single organ working within my body to keep me alive, trees, the weather, my beautiful, strong, healthy children, my loving, loyal partner, true friends and family who care for us, our clean and warm home, fridge full of food, and so on...'. The more grateful you are for the things that surround you no matter how big or small, the more you appreciate life and everything in it, the more happier instantly you will become.

Step 2:
Positive affirmations is what I do straight after. If you have internet access you will find thousands of those on youtube! Just let it play in the background for an hour or few, as you get on with your day your subconscious mind will absorb all of the affirmations boosting your mood. I also leave it to play on a low volume before going to sleep and knock out to it! Your subconscious mind will listen as you are zzz'ing away.

Step 3:
While the positive affirmations are working their magic, I open all windows to let fresh air in, light up a candle that represents harmony, peace and health within our home, then I light sage (using the candle) and burn the smudge for few mins. I like to slowly walk through every room in my house, waving the sage all around repeating 'out with the negative, in with the positive', I also cleanse my body, with every deep breath I take I welcome health, wealth, happiness and peace. With each exhale I visualize red, negative energy leave my body. Not only does sage get rid of negative energy within your home and body but it also kills up to 94% of airborne bacteria as well as relaxes you and improves your mood.
2. Keep yourself busy.
Whether it involves, housework, trying out a new recipe, games with your children, catching up on favorite shows, or learning a new skill or language, staying busy will keep your mind off everything that is going on right now.

3. Avoid news and social media as much as possible.
Limit it to minimum, the more you read up on it, chase it up and stay on top of it, the more it will consume your mind leaving you worried and stressed.

4. Meditate every evening before sleep.
Meditation is my top way to release stress and tension, doing this every night before going to sleep it helps my mind and body to relaxe preparing me for a peaceful night ahead and enjoyable dreams. Combined with positive affirmations, mentioned above - I feel brand new the following morning !! It really works. Check out my step by step meditation guide for beginners...