My easy step by step guide to meditation for beginners.

29th March, 2020
When I first introduced meditation into my lifestyle over two years ago, I truly underestimated the power of it. It taught me and benefited me a lot more than I could have ever imagine. I've learned to trust my mind and body enough to let go of any tension and stress, slow and deep breathing became natural and meditation began to play a massive part in my life. It is now something I really look forward to every day. In my step by step meditation guide I will walk you through it making it easier to understand and perform...
1. Find a peaceful and quiet environment, I like it to be my bed or bath full of warm water.
I ensure kids are in bed and I'm on my own during meditation.

2. Put on relaxation music or nature sounds on a low volume - optional!

3. Lay down on your back and get as comfortable as possible.

4. Shut your eyes...

5. Squeeze every single part and muscle of your body as tight
as you can and hold it for 5 seconds then let go.

 6. Take three deep breaths and exhale slowly, with each breath getting more
and more relaxed and comfortable.

7. Let go of any thoughts by focusing on your breathing. Every time your
mind starts to wonder away
guide it back to it's place.
Visualize and feel the oxygen enter
your body and fill up your lungs.

8. Slowly begin to relax every single muscle in your entire body,
starting off with the tip of your head..
Your forehead, eyes, nose, jaw, mouth, tongue, chin, neck, shoulders,
chest, arms, ribs, abdomen, and so on -
feel every part get heavy as you continue to relax..
9. Don't stop until you reach the tip of
your toes, guide your mind
throughout your body
heading downwards, continuing to take deep breaths
and releasing the air back out as slowly as you can
whilst ensuring your thoughts
are empty by focusing on your
breathing during the meditation...

10. Once you feel how relaxed and heavy your body feels, 
continue to breath slowly,
imagine that every breath you take
you are breathing in health, peace, harmony..

11. And with each breath you exhale,
visualize illness, sorrow, stress and
tension leave your body...

12. Feel the healing process...
Now continue to do this for the next 10 minutes...

13. Slowly breath in health... Slowly exhale illness...

14. Breath in peace, exhale stress...

15. Breath in positive energy, release negative as you exhale...

This post made me feel sleepy wanting to meditate as I typed up each step. I'm off to run a bath and spend the next 20 minutes or so dedicating it to cleansing my mind and healing my body. Follow all steps correctly, paying attention to your mind and body, ensuring your thoughts don't wonder away from the very moment you are in, take as much time as you need. Meditation can be as short as 10 mins and as long as hours.. This is the best gift you can give to yourself !!