How I potty trained my 2 year old.

21st April, 2020
I was almost terrified to begin potty training my daughter. After hearing some hair-raising stories from other mummy friends I tried to long it off as much as possible! And to think about it, this could be one of the reasons my little girl managed to master potty skill so quick and almost mess-free! 'You should potty train your child as soon as they turn two' - I strongly disagree with that statement. Every child matures, grows, progresses and develops individually at their own pace. Some might be ready as soon as they learn to walk while others will take a little bit longer - and that's ok. With this being the most requested post by my readers - I am finally here to walk you through how we did it and what worked for us!
'I'm ready' signs
Christianna started to remove her nappy on numerous occasions, it got to the point where I would find it chucked in the middle of her room every morning I went to check on her. This went on for good few months before I finally realised this was the first sign of my toddler telling me 'Mummy I'm ready to be potty trained'. Aside of that she would make me aware each time she needed her nappy changed as it was clearly bothering her, and would often follow me to the toilet to observe - and that's totally fine as I wanted Christianna to get use to the 'toilet environment' and understand what it's for. With each time she watched I explained about flashing water, washing hand and so on.
Making it fun and enjoyable
When I've decided that this is the perfect time to begin our training we headed out on a little girly shopping where I asked Christianna to choose the 'big girl' knickers she wants to wear and explained that it is time to say goodbye to pull ups and nappies. Of course she went for Peppa Pig ones. We brought enough packs to get us through the week considering there will be a lot of accidents. To my surprise - there were only a few... We then purchased two different colourful toddler toilet seats of her choice, one for downstairs and another for upstairs bathroom. Toddlers love choices - this way she had the opportunity to pick whether to use the toilet or her potty each time she needed to go.

The long part
Goodbye pulls ups. We went cold-turkey! I ensured she wouldn't wear them anymore around the house and thankfully there were no objections. With only one accident on day one of potty training - she panicked and did not like the feeling of wetness all over her legs! Bless her heart, I've never seen her so concerned and frightened. For the next 3 days I ensured to sit her on the potty every 20-30 minutes. On the third day of training she finally began to wee in the potty herself without been reminded, with poop still ending up in her knickers! Thankfully she only ever goes for number two once a day! It went on for another couple of weeks until she managed to time it well enough to make it to the potty on time, as well as recognise the difference between poop and a fart!

Night time training
Would you believe me if I told you this was the easiest part? Each evening around 40mins before Christianna's bedtime I'd make her hot chocolate or a cup of warm milk and ensure she empties her bladder before getting into bed. If she refuses, I'd wait another 10-20 minutes before offering to have another go. She would normally do it by the second time she tries. With empty bladder and no additional fluids throughout the night she would make it until the following morning without wetting the bed.
My top tips when potty training your child
+ wait until your child is ready and comfortable +
+ patience is the key +
+ accept that there will be accidents - and this is a part of the process +
+ make it fun and enjoyable, if your little one is getting bored of the potty, let them grab their favourite book or toy each time they use it/sit on it +
+ play and watch 'potty training' songs and videos, there's so many of them on the internet, what a better way to encourage your little human +
+ offer to use potty last thing before bedtime and first each morning +
+ don't wake your child up in the middle of the night, instead invest in waterproof mattress cover +
+ let your child come to the toilet with you whenever you use it, let them observe and get use to it, there's absolutely nothing wrong in that, it's the most natural thing - we all do it +
+ if they're not happy - wait for another few weeks before starting to potty train again - there's no rush +
+ reward for each and every time, whether it is a snack, a bar of cheeky chocolate or the biggest fuss and round of applause you could possibly imagine - make them feel special and appreciated +
+ go that further step, create a table on a piece of paper, stick it on the wall, door or fridge, each time they use their potty, hand a sticker or draw a smiley face +
+ remind your bundle of joy each night before putting them to bed, how well they have done and how extremely proud you are +