How to keep kids entertained during lockdown?

14th April, 2020
To all the parents and carers out there doing their best to keep your children happy and entertained, ticking house chores off the list, working from home and still trying to stay sane - we salute you! From playdough and kinetic sand living all over the floors and rugs, dry markers because who's got the time to put lids back on, hearing Baby Shark for the 756th time this week and bruises from being jumped and climbed on 3/4th of the day. There’s no denying that the Corona Virus outbreak has forced us all to adapt in ways we never expected nor were prepared for. Let's not forget about the pressure that comes with taking up the role of math or literacy teacher.. If you’re doing your best and reassuring your children at a time when the whole world is scared and changing to the unknown, you’re already a hero and a teacher of the decade! Check out my previous post 'Creative games and activities for children during lockdown' for more interesting inspirations me and my 3 year old daughter been loving...
Make blow paint pictures
Mix up some paint with water and place a large blob of it on the paper then, take a drinking straw and blow the paint so it spreads out across the page.
Grow your own cress
Place few soaked cotton wools in a small container, sprinkle cress seeds and leave on the windowsill for a few days. Don't forget to ensure the wools stay nice and moist.
Make a tent using blankets and chairs
Ahh what beats a safe little shelter right in the middle of the living room made out off all the blankets and cushions you can possibly gather around the house!
Build a garden for smaller toys
Fill a large pot with soil, plant a flower or two, decorate with sticks, stones, shells, and whatever else you can find to make your toys a lovely place to enjoy the sun in!
Play sink or swim
Using a big bucket or even better, the bath tub and some household items or toys, ask your children which items they think will sink and which ones will float.
Spy on the animals doing their thing - Live Cam
Here you can find the world’s largest live nature cam. From ocean creatures to tigers, gorillas and puppies, think of it like a virtual zoo without the bars. Unbelievable scenes to enrich your little one’s learning about the natural world, habitats and wildlife.
Have an online playdate
Organise a weekly Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp video call with your children’s friends. Arrange fun activities for each session that the kids can do all together on the virtual hang-out.
Get your kids involved in yoga or online PE classes
Who said tree poses are only for grown ups? Check out this Cosmic Kids Yoga designed especially for our little humans, what a great fun for the whole family to join in. If yoga doesn't rock your child's boat join in Joe Wicks’ daily PE class, a fab way to get the kids energised in the morning and to give them a sense of routine!